Two Weeks to Go

We have just over 2 weeks left on our Share (20) & Prayer (4:3-4) campaign.

It’s been amazing to see what has happened. Of course, it’s really no surprise that students have given. They should. For us, connecting with alumni has been great. Last year, we sent a 150 piece mailing asking alumni to partner with us and it was expensive. And we got NO response. Not even an email saying they would pray.

But through Share (20) & Prayer (4:3-4) we have seen dozens of alumni praying and giving and catching up with CCH in general. It’s been cool.

We have also seen people with no immediate connection to CCH give as well. One girl from my youth ministry 8 years ago. One friend of mine that I went to college with. These people have jumped on board because they see the value in campus ministry; not because they have personally benefited from it.

We have had parents of students give. We have had men from the local men’s fellowship give. We have even had a complete stranger give when they stumbled on this blog.


Two weeks to go…and we are just about 50% to our goal. If you want to jump on board, it’s not too late. Click here to read how.


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