Our On-Campus Blitz Begins Tomorrow

A few days ago I mentioned our H2O Project and the several different ways the students involved in our campus ministry are helping to make clean water a reality for people in Haiti.

So far, lots of people (students, parents, friends of parents, and complete strangers) have sacrificed all non-water beverages. They are using the money they would have spent on coffee, tea, juice, milk, and other drinks and re-diverting those funds towards the H2O Project. So cool.

Tomorrow, we are going to start hanging out on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University to raise awareness and funds. For 12 hours per day, Monday through Friday, we have (at least) 2 students hanging out at the entrance of the main food court on campus.

And get this: they will be sitting on toilets.


The purpose of the toilet is really to attract attention and begin discussions. We hope people walk by, see us sitting on a toilet, and ask us, “Why are you sitting on a toilet?” We would then say, “Glad you asked. Did you know that 1.1 billion people in the world don’t have clean water to drink? We are willing to bet that you’ve gone to the bathroom today…and while we don’t want you to feel guilty for having clean water, we do want you to be aware that you go to the bathroom in cleaner water than many people in the world have to drink.”

And then we will share with them some information and ask if they can spare $1. That’s all we are asking for. $1 will give 1 person clean water for 1 year. And we figure everyone has an extra $1.

And then, we have 1,000 stickers that we made with the above toilet picture on it…and we will share with those who have shared their $1 with the less fortunate.

We are excited. Please pray for us and stay tuned for details.

(If you are on Facebook and want to stay in the loop, click and join here. If you would like to partner with us financially, you can give here.)


One thought on “Our On-Campus Blitz Begins Tomorrow

  1. Great post! Clean water is really so easy to take for granted. We’ve had clean, chlorinated water for a hundred years here in America.. most of the world is still waiting.
    I work with the American Chemistry Council and we’re also working to bring clean water to people that need it. If you check out this site there’s a quiz you can take– the ACC donates toward clean water in a West African village for every correct answer:

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