Ordering Life: Big Rock #1 is My God

Yesterday, I wrote this post about ordering life. I am being reminded over again the importance of placing your Big Rocks in your jar first. These are your highest priorities. We have to ask ourselves the question, “Who has God made me to be and what am I supposed to be doing?” The answers to this question are your Big Rocks.

The first answer to that question is: God has made me for relationship with Him and my life is to be surrendered to Him for His purposes. 


With that in mind, I have set several priorities in my life.

Spending time reading, studying and knowing God’s word is at the top of my list. Like every other Christian in the

 world, I set out to read the entire Bible in 2009. This year, however, I am using technology to help me in that endeavor. 

YouVersion.com is a cool, Web 2.0 application. You can read the Bible online in various translations. While that is not new, the fact that you can contribute your ideas and thoughts as well as read the ideas and thoughts of others is cool. You can “follow” contributors, and others can “follow” you, just like Facebook or Twitter. This provides a sense 

of community and sharing as you read the Bible this year.

You can follow my thoughts here.

I imagine that I will read half the Bible this year the traditional way (in a bound book form) and I will read the other half digitally; either online or on my phone. Usually, I try to read every morning before I dive head first into the day of work. While this works for me on most mornings, there are times when I have early meetings or am out of town and my routine is shot. But, with this new technology, I can read the Bible anywhere. And because of this, I am keeping up nicely with my New Year’s goals…

While there are other ways that I connect with God, this is just one example of how I am trying to prioritize my life. I am finding that, as simple as it sounds, spending time with God in His word is the most nurturing thing I can do for my relationship with Him; must like spending time listening to my wife helps me know her better.


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