Valentine’s Day Gift for My Wife

Keri and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day. When we first got married, we would make gifts for each other. I made a mug once with a ridiculous picture of me on it and one year I made a cat out of miniature 3 Musketeer bars. 

This year, I went a different route. 

For Valentine’s Day, I presented Keri a picture of a young girl and told her that I had sponsored her in Keri’s honor for Valentine’s Day.

Her name is Semira and she is a 4 year old girl living in the HIV/AIDS and malaria ravished country of Ethiopia. She lives with her mother who is sometimes employed carrying stones. The average working adult in her community makes $23/month. Semira is young, but can’t go to school yet because of financial hardships. 

Our meager $32/month will help her get to school as well as get healthcare, food, clean water, life-skills training, and an opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Semira is the second child we will sponsored through Compassion. We have sponsored Kumar in India for the last nearly 10 years, since he was 7 years old. Now he is approaching 17 and it’s been fun to watch him grow and hear about his life in the letters he sends us. He always refers to us as his mommy and daddy; his biological parents have both died. He is following Christ in a predominantly Hindu and Muslim country.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child through Compassion, you may do so here. I would recommend choosing a child who has been waiting longer than 6 months and/or is living in a country ravished by HIV/AIDS.

If you decide to sponsor, please let me know!

**UPDATE: I was informed that the links to the information about the kids is not public. Sorry to all of those who clicked.**


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift for My Wife

  1. Awesome gift! We have 2 World Vision children we sponsor in Africa (one in Chad and one in Lesotho – both incredibly impoverished countries), and the second sponsorship was a request from our daughter – she wanted it as a Christmas present.

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