A Question of Vision

I’ve been thinking a lot about my vision for the Christian Campus House. Who are we? Who can we be on campus, in the community, and across the world? What’s next? Where are we headed?

Lots of questions. 

And this morning, it struck me. One question I have not asked. The MOST important question.

“God, what is Your vision for CCH?

And it’s changed everything.


One thought on “A Question of Vision

  1. you know, I wondered the same thing for my congregation, of which I am the minister (and therefore expected to have a vision for). But then, like you, it occurred to me that it doesn’t mater what my vision is, what the market research says it should be, or what the guy in the pew thinks it should be. the vision should be what God wants it to be. faithful, holy, evangelistic, Word-affirming, etc. and all that’s outlined in the bible, so the work is done for us.

    keep up the good work, brandon!

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