Simple is Good

I have spend the last several weeks in my life trying to simplify.

For example, I recently downgraded my cell phone and plan. I used to carry a Palm Centro, with an unlimited data plan. This allowed me access to the internet and email at all hours of the day. And, it cost me about $40 extra per month.

It came time to renew my contract, and I felt the call to simplify. I paid $10 for a new LG Shine and dropped the data and insurance. The new phone does all I need without the distraction of checking my email during dinner or surfing all the same sites again during family time. It’s been liberating. Plus, I save money.

Also, I recently shut the doors on a side business that I had started and am working on selling off the inventory. This business had the potential to bring in lots of extra cash, but it required me to be gone from my family almost every Saturday. Plus, a business needs running…and I was spending precious minutes everyday doing so. It took me away from my primary roles in life; follower of Christ, family man, and college minister.

Finally, over the last few days I have decided to drop a seminary class that I had enrolled in over the summer. I was loving the class and learning much. But, the amount of reading and writing was consuming my days. Summers are crucial to prayer and preparation in campus ministry, and neither were happening for me on account of this class. 

All in all, I feel as though God is stripping layers of me away and getting to some core issues in my life. He’s challenging me to be about the best things, not all of the good things. More on this theme later.

Suffice it to say, I am enjoying this thing called “simplicity.” What kind of clutter and noise can you cut out of your life?


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