A Tough Leadership Question

Allow me to pose a question to all the “leader of leaders” that read my blog.

When considering future leaders for your organization, which is more important: someone with natural leadership ability or someone with a willingness to lead, but who lacks natural leadership qualities?



5 thoughts on “A Tough Leadership Question

  1. For my money, heart is much more important than skills or talent. While skills and talent can accomplish much, heart will keep a person focused on the real purpose of his position. Skills can be learned and built, heart cannot, it has to come from within the person and their relationship to Christ.

  2. Neither. I think what is most important is a perrson’s attitude. If I have no desire to lead, then it makes no difference if I am naturally suited to do so. Likewise, what good is the desire to lead without a commitment to developing the skills and qualities necessary to such leadership?

  3. Yep, I would think that a willingness to lead that is strong enough that you’ll do what it takes to learn to lead… and find the unique places you lead best… is most important.

    Is the assumption that the first person has ability but no willingness?

    • Thanks for your comments!

      Ben…yep, I think the assumption is that the first guy may be naturally gifted to lead but perhaps doesn’t have the willingness, the time, or any of the other traits needed to make him available to do so.

      But the question really is: if we had to choose, do we want people with the gift to lead or people with the heart to lead?

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