Ministry Playbook — Training Potential Leaders

I posted my first Ministry Playbook idea a few days ago. It focused on finding potential leaders.

Today is all about what we do with those potential leaders. We are doing something new and different this year. We are beta-testing it, so to speak. So this post won’t necessarily be about the destination, but the journey.

We have our potential leaders. There are about 20 of them. We will meet each Sunday night for the next 6 weeks. We did an introductory week last Sunday, for a grand total of 7 Sundays. Each meeting lasts one hour and features some of my wife’s amazing desserts.

As I mentioned, the first meeting was introductory. I cast my vision for our servant-leader team and for our ministry as a whole. And then I laid out my expectations of our leaders. We basically expect our servant-leaders to give 10 to 12 hours per week of unpaid service. That’s a tall order! We expect them to stay on board for the entire year. We expect them to be involved in on-going discipleship with one of our staff. And we expect them to, obviously, lead their ministry. All of this is on top of nurturing a growing, healthy relationship with God and living a life worthy of their calling.

As I mentioned, we are asking for a lot. I know that. I’m OK with that. And I would rather be up front about our expectations than surprise people down the road.

I also laid out our expectations for the Leadership Coaching Sessions. They are expected to attend each meeting on time and prepared. No lame excuses for not showing up. Also, each week we give them a packet of exercises for them to do during the week. This involves passage of Scripture to memorize, a Bible study to do, a lengthier reading to finish, and a practical leadership exercise to do.

Each week, and each packet, is centered on a theme.

Week #1 — Holy; Developing a vision of Christlike character.
Week #2 — Habitual; Cultivating spiritual disciplines to sustain our leadership.
Week #3 — Humble; Keeping watch over our souls.
Week #4 — Kneeling; Embracing servant love as our primary model.
Week #5 — Stewarding; Stewarding our gifts, passions, and personality.
Week #6 — Helping Others See; Lifting people out of lethargy and inertia

These packets are taken from Greg Ogden’s great book, “Leadership Essentials.” A must have. (And, you should also check out his “Discipleship Essentials” book.)

These sessions are designed to help begin the training process for our potential leaders. In no way do I think that you have leaders “trained” after 6 1-hour sessions. But this is a good way to begin the process.

The students who make the commitment and do the work will land in our potential leader pool. From this pool we will, with God’s direction, choose our leaders. Not everyone who completes the LCS will automatically become a leader in our ministry. We will avoid those with blatant character issues, maturity issues, sin issues and so on.

But, this provides us with a natural selection process. Those who can make and follow through with a 7-week commitment are good candidates for leadership. Those who bail halfway through are not. Those do the hard work of the soul each week may be prepared to help lead our ministry. Those who don’t have the time or the discipline to do this hard work are not.

This, for us, is exciting. For the first time, I feel as though we have a valid, workable process for helping us identify and train our leaders.

What do you think?
What do you do that works for you to identify and train your next leaders?


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