Update on My LIVE Catalyst Coverage

I made this huge announcement the other day. I’m jazzed.

At first, I had planned on only attending and covering the actual conference part of the conference. That means, no pre-conference coverage.

Well, I wasn’t happy with that. So, I made some calls…got my people on it…and after much haggling and frustration, I was able to get my flight, hotel, and rental car reservations all changed so that I will be able to be in Atlanta a day earlier to cover the pre-conference Labs at Catalyst.

That’s right.

And so, officially I will be covering Catalyst all 3 days…October 7 through October 9. October 7 is all the Labs and October 8 and 9 is the main conference.

There are some amazing folks bringing the Lab offerings. Here’s the list:

  • Perry Noble — Senior Pastor, NewSpring Church
  • Reggie Joiner — Founder, The reThink Group and Author, Think Orange
    Session: Pre-Lab Lab
  • Jessica Jackley — Founder, KIVA
    Session: Microfinance: Ending Poverty
  • Shane Hipps — Pastor and former ad exec for Porsche
    Session: Flickering Pixels
  • Jon Tyson — Lead Pastor, Trinity Grace Church, NYC
  • Darren Whitehead — Willow Creek Community Church
    Session: In the City. In the Suburbs.
  • Carlos Whittaker — RagamuffinSoul.com
  • Anne Jackson — Flowerdust.net, Author of “Mad Church Disease”
  • Jon Acuff — StuffChristiansLike.net, Author and Speaker
    Session: Off the Blogs
  • Nicole Fulgham — VP, Teach for America, Faith Community Relations
    Session: Mobilizing Faith Communities
  • Herbert Cooper — Founder and Senior Pastor, People’s Church
    Session: Leading from the Start
  • Matthew Sleeth — Executive Director, Blessed Earth
    Session: Creation Care
  • David Kuo — Deputy Director, Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
    Session: Tempting Faith
  • Jamie Tworkowski — Founder, To Write Love on Her Arms
    Session: Hope to the Hurting
  • Stacy Spencer — Founder and Senior Pastor, New Direction Christian Church, Memphis
    Session: The Inward Journey
  • Margaret Feinberg — Author, The Sacred Echo and The Organic God
    Session: Scouting the Divine
  • Aaron Keyes — Worship Pastor, Grace Fellowship
  • Miriam Webster — Singer, Composer, Worship Leader, Hillsong Church, Sydney
  • Gerrit Gustafson — Founder, WholeHearted Worship and Worship Schools
    Session: Leadership in Worship
  • Andy Crouch — Director, Christian Vision Project and Author, Culture Making
    Session: Our Role in Culture
  • Dave Gibbons — Lead Pastor, New Song Church and Author, The Monkey and the Fish
    Session: The Monkey and the Fish
  • Chris Seay — Pastor, Ecclesia, Houston and Author and Director, The Voice Project
  • Matt Chandler — Lead Pastor, Village Church
  • Bishop John Rucyahana — Founder, Sonrise School
    Session: Evening Unplugged
  • Ian Cron — Teaching Pastor, Trinity Church and Author, Chasing Francis
    Session: Chasing Francis
  • Nancy Ortberg — Founding Partner, Teamworx2
    Session: The Power of Rubber Bands
  • Mark Batterson — Pastor, National Community Church, DC
    Session: Primal–Getting Back What Matters Most
  • Scott Belsky — Founder and CEO, Behance and Author and Strategist
    Session: Making Ideas Happen
  • Reggie McNeal — Mission Specialist, Leadership Network
    Session: Missional Renaissance
  • Jeff Shinabarger — Founder, Rwanda Clean Water and GiftCardGiver.com
  • Charles Lee — Pastor and Founding Member, Just One and Creator, Idea Camp
  • Lisa Sharon Harper — CoFounder and Executive Director, NY Faith and Justice
  • Leroy Barber — Pastor, Community Fellowship Church and President, Mission Year
    Session: Doing Good
  • Ed Stetzer — Director, Lifeway Research and Author, Lost and Found
    Session: The Essence of Planting
  • Alan Hirsch — Founding Director, Forge Mission Training Network
    Session: The Forgotten Ways
  • Dale Dawson — CoFounder and CEO, Bridge2Rwanda
  • Bishop John Rucyahana — Founder, Sonrise School
    Session: A Bridge to Rwanda

I am open to suggestions of folks you may like to hear from. There are (basically) 7 Lab slots, so feel free to offer more than one suggestion!

So excited!


9 thoughts on “Update on My LIVE Catalyst Coverage

  1. Hard to go wrong with a list like that… for what it’s worth, I was at Catalyst West Coast back in the Spring and one of the most encouraging and challenging speakers for me was Perry Noble. His lab would be on the top of my list.

    • Anne,

      First off, I am humbled you would stop by my blog. Even more so that you would leave a comment!

      Secondly, you are already of my list of must-sees! I’ve been a fan of your blog for quite some time…and your book as well. My wife are Compassion sponsors (we support 2!) and we love the way you champion what God is doing through them.

      You can count on seeing me somewhere in your massive audience!

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  3. Definately Perry and get to Dave Gibbons lab [he and Jackley were awesome at The Summit]; those two, Batterson and Hirsh are always Leadership winners! I’d love to be in the Worship Track with Keyes, Webster and Gustafson would be my winners!

    Cannot wait to read your impressions…

  4. I heard Chris Seay a couple years ago at Catalyst and still come back to some of the stuff he had to say about our responsibility to the poor. I’m also always encouraged at the the number of female speakers Catalyst features – they are voices that we don’t get to hear quite as often in person (it’s okay to have a female author or blogger, but we don’t often invite them to our churches to speak)….Ann Jackson, Margaret Feinburg, and Nancy Ortberg (or any of the other women) would be high on my list.

    Have a blast – I’ll be living vicariously through your tweets!

    • @Gretchen,

      Thanks for your input. I was excited, too, when I saw the number of female speakers. Anne Jackson personally popped over here and I mentioned to her I would make it a point to get to her Lab.

      I have you to thank for all of this, by the way! You’re the reason I won my free ticket to begin with!

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