Ministry Playbook — Leaders for a Calendar Year

You can read my first two Ministry Playbook entries here and here; both highlight some leadership ideas.

Here is something new we are tying this year. Most campus ministries have their student leaders in place for the academic year, from August until May. This seems to be the most natural choice.

However, this year we are doing our Leadership Coaching Sessions for 7 weeks in the fall semester, and then choosing our next batch of servant-leaders. We will then bring these new servant-leaders on board in January and have them serve until next December; the calendar year.

One of the greatest advantages to this set-up is that we will have our servant-leadership team in place over the summer months leading into next fall. Usually, under the academic year model, we would be scrambling to get our new leaders up and running and assimilated during this time. Not so under the calendar year model; they are already in place.

This also gives us a chance to put some of our newly chosen servant-leaders under the apprenticeship of older leaders. For example, let’s say we choose Michael to be a Family Group leader for next year. We have all of this spring to partner him up with an existing Family Group leader to be apprenticed. And then, next fall, Michael will lead his own Family Group…and he will have a semester of experience and training to help him.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a new thing for us. But I am having a hard time coming up with any negatives to this approach. I would love to hear from other college ministers.


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