Can Loving Your Neighbor Be Sinful?

Here is something that I have often wondered. Feel free to chime in.

Is it possible to make “loving your neighbor as yourself” an idol in your life?

What say ye?


5 thoughts on “Can Loving Your Neighbor Be Sinful?

      • Yes, it is happening today; people get caught up in what they call the “social justice” gospel. Social Justice follows the Gospel, and where the gospel is there justice will be, but it is not the heart of the Gospel, Jesus is. I think that Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola put it rather nicely in their document “A Jesus Manifesto”

        “Jesus Christ was not a social activist nor a moral philosopher. To pitch him that way is to drain his glory and dilute his excellence. Justice apart from Christ is a dead thing. The only battering ram that can storm the gates of hell is not the cry of Justice, but the name of Jesus. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of Justice, Peace, Holiness, Righteousness. He is the sum of all spiritual things, the “strange attractor” of the cosmos. When Jesus becomes an abstraction, faith loses its reproductive power. Jesus did not come to make bad people good. He came to make dead people live.”

  1. When the true meaning of Loving your neighbor is taken into account the answer is no. The way in which we love our neighbor is by loving God. A way to love God is to treat His prize creation with utmost concern and selfless love. The Bible expresses what you do to the lest of people, you do to “Me” (Jesus). Matt 25:40, 45. Jesus gave His life for us, we must give up our lives everyday for Him by serving Him and loving others. You can’t have one without the other. Loving your neighbor cannot be overdone.

    However, there are those who’s definition of “loving your neighbor” includes only doing “nice” things for people. These are those people who kill themselves by always baking for someone, giving everything they have, and never saying no to anyone. This is not love. God wants us to be generous and trust Him with our possessions/time but He also commands us to be good stewards. Furthermore, the Bible says if a man gives everything he has to the point of death but doesn’t have love, it is pointless. 1 Cor 13:2,3.
    It is not love to reward laziness. Instead teach a man to fish so the trade he has will benefit him much more. A parent who does not discipline his/her children is cheating them of life even though it may include a spank or other rather unpleasant consequences.

    There are people who spend their lives for the sake of the betterment of the planet. In a round about way it can be considered loving your neighbor but people will die one way or another. What about the second death? After everyone dies, will eternity ring with your actions? Many times, this is not done out of love but out of a desire for control over something uncontrollable. If these things are left to God, it is a sign of love for God and so, love for your neighbor.

    To end this rant, I just had another thought. God is all love. His main object of love are the people He created. If God is the epitimomy of loving your neighbor then He should be involved in idol worship if anyone is. God has been loving people perfectly for… forever! And He will continue to do so. If there is a point where loving your neighbor becomes so great that it becomes idol worship and God does not worship the idol, then God cannot possibly be all loving.

    The hard part comes when we speak about God showing His love through punishment, discipline, and rebuke. Jesus cannot be labled a “nice man.” He was THE man who loved dangerously to its perfection because He was also God.

  2. Here is a reply I received from this post on Facebook:

    I would say no. True love is always doing what is right in the eyes of God and real, true love will always be spiritually best for the other person. Anything else would be a conterfit love and deceivably looks good but maybe spiritualy damaging to the other person and yourself (because then it has become a stubbeling block).
    So, authentic love for your neighbor should not have any evil in it and if it does (it has taken the place of God) it is not true love because it is no longer good.

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