Free Catalyst Tickets and the Gospel

So, here is the scoop.

One week from this morning, I will be flying out of the KC for the ATL. Once I get to the ATL, I will secure me a compact rental car and head for the Catalyst Conference.

In case you haven’t yet heard, I have partnered with the Christian Standard to bring you live-blogging through the pre-conference Labs and all 10 of the main sessions…as well as bringing you some other social media goodies throughout the conference.

With that in mind, if you haven’t yet…you should subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter.

I’m excited.

This all started when I got news that I had won a ticket to Catalyst.

I hadn’t planned on attending prior to my big win. I had wanted to, but didn’t have the extra bones to make it work. To stay home would have cost me nothing.

And then I won a “free” ticket. A few weeks later, my “free” ticket has cost me around $400 in the form of airline tickets, rental cars, and hotel rooms.

Is this not exactly like the Gospel?

It’s free…but it will cost you everything.


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