Welcome Christian Standard Readers!

Welcome to those of you who have found your way to MyNameIsBrandon.com from the Christian Standard.

We are just a few days away from kicking off our live coverage of The Catalyst Conference! I am excited and hope you are, too.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Things will officially kick-off on Wednesday morning, October 7th with pre-labs with Perry Noble and Reggie Joiner at 8:30am Eastern.

(I will be updating this blog and my Twitter though, prior to this. You can read about my travels to Atlanta and other impressions as we get started!)

The pre-conference Labs will continue all day on Wednesday. There is an amazing line-up of Labs. I would love your input on who you would like to hear. Click here to see a list of the speakers and leave a comment letting me know who you would like me to cover for you. Hey, this is a project for the people! (Of course, no promises…but I will try my darndest.)

Also, I am in the process of getting a schedule up of the main session speakers and times. I will be live blogging through each session. What this means is that you can jump in and interact with me live as I sit in on the sessions and share my thoughts as well as the sights and smells and sounds of Catalyst. At the end of the sessions, I will post the live blogging notes on the main blog here at MyNameIsBrandon.com

If you are on Twitter, I will be “tweeting” throughout the whole conference as well. Follow me!

I hope you’ll plan on “joining” me. If you plan on popping in to MyNameIsBrandon.com and joining the conversation with me during the Catalyst conference, leave a comment below. Would love to get to know you before we get the fun rolling!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Christian Standard Readers!

  1. Brandon – I’ll be joining you (and thousands of others) at Catalyst on Thursday and Friday. It’s my first Catalyst and really looking forward to it.
    I’ve been looking for the speaker schedule and haven’t found it yet, so I assume you’ll tweet about it when you post the schedule?

    • @Scott,

      I’m excited you’ll be joining!

      I was getting ready to post the main session schedule today. I went to the Catalyst website, and they took all their information down because they sold out of tickets.

      I will post the schedule when I have it. I’ll update the blog and send out a Tweet.

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