Your Catalyst Survival Guide

A few weeks ago, in anticipation of Catalyst, I stumbled across this very funny, very helpful “Officially-Unofficial Catalyst Conference Survival Guide.”

As I will be covering Catalyst here on for those few, unfortunate people not in Atlanta at the end of this week, I thought it might be fun to offer the Official MyNameIsBrandon Catalyst Survival Guide.

Tuesday, The Day Before:

  • Make sure you have a computer and a good internet connection. I would be willing to bet that if you are reading this, you are already good in this department.
  • Grab your journal (I love Moleskines) or a legal pad or a roll of toilet paper. While you are at it, grab something to write with.
  • Bookmark for quick and easy finding when the pre-conference goodies start on Wednesday and the conference itself goes full steam ahead on Thursday.
  • Follow me on Twitter. This is the best way to keep track of what is going on, where I am, and where the live-blogging will be going on. If you don’t have Twitter, now would be a good time to join the 593 billion other people there already.
  • Program your coffeepot to make your joe for you for Wednesday. Things get started around here around 8:30am EST.

Wednesday, Pre-Conference Lab Day

  • Stumble and find that coffee you wisely programmed your coffeepot to make for you.
  • Leave a note for your spouse on the fridge or bathroom mirror saying you are going to be MIA for the next couple of days.
  • Pack a sack lunch. Eat a banana. They are healthy and help prevent cramps.
  • Head over to For each Pre-Conference Lab and each main session of the conference, I will be posting a link where you can join me as I live-blog through the experience. It’s interactive, so you can chime in as well with your thoughts and comments.
  • Spend the day with me.
  • But not the night…go home and be with your spouse. (That’s one perk of NOT being at Catalyst.)

Thursday & Friday, Main Conference Days

  • Do all the things listed above for Wednesday.
  • Be prepared to drink from a fire hydrant. With the likes of Chan, Bell, Chandler, Dungy, Swindoll, Ramsey, Stanley, and so forth…it’s going to be a lot of good information coming at you fast.

After the Conference:

  • Check back to as I will be posting all of our live-blogging sessions for you to look back over. Remember that fire hydrant thing? This is so you can come back for more and drink in what you may have missed the first time around.
  • Post more comments with your thoughts and contributions to the conversation.
  • Apply what God is teaching you to your life situation.
  • Thank the Christian Standard for partnering with me in this endeavor. Read their magazine. Make sure your church is getting lots of copies each week to give to folks.

There you have it. I’m looking forward to experiencing Catalyst with you!


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