Catalyst Reflections, part 1

Well, it’s nearly 10pm EST on Wednesday. I am barely awake in my hotel room, exhausted from the spectacle that is Catalyst. And…get this…today was just Lab Day. Tomorrow, about 10,000 more people will be here.

Here are a few sleepy thoughts.

  • The Catalyst guys do everything with excellence. Fast and easy registration process. Lots of volunteers to help wandering souls. Cool markers to write in our notebooks with.
  • Perry Noble is a big dude. I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark place. Plus, he brings the heat when he preaches. (The internet wasn’t working when Perry was teaching…so I will post some notes from Perry’s lab soon.)
  • Loved what Reggie Joiner said about the stories of broken families and the impact they can have.
  • It was cool to hear Mark Batterson speak. I have admired his blog for quite some time. He makes great points about building altars in our lives to remember God’s movement in our history.
  • Reggie McNeal talks so stinkin’ fast. But I did catch this: The Church is a Who, not a What.
  • Scott Belsky was a real surprise and highlight. He spoke about making our ideas happen. To do that, we need both creativity and organization. It can be portrayed in this equation: Creativity X Organization = Impact.
  • I have loved Matt Chandler’s teaching for quite some time. His sermons are on regular rotation in my iPod. This guy unapologetically preaches the gospel.
  • With all the exciting live-blogging going on around here this has been the biggest day of blog traffic for And, it’s only Lab day! I anticipate breaking this record again the next two days! Thanks for coming along for the ride!
  • Had a fun time meeting fellow bloggers at a Bloggers Meetup tonight. It was a little surreal to see people face-to-face whom I had never met before, but felt like I knew so well.
  • I plan on getting up at 5am to be at the conference center by 6am tomorrow. Apparently, the traffic into the center is insane. I heard tonight that 10,000 of the 12,000 attendees will be there by 7:30am.
  • With that in mind, my final thought for the night is: I need sleep.

Tune in tomorrow for more live-blogging fun. The first session starts at 8:30am EST and features Andy Stanley. I will post details in the morning.


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