Lab #2 w/ Reggie McNeal

  • 12:51 PM mynameisbrandon – We are live…will be starting the session in about 8 minutes.
  • 1:16 PM mynameisbrandon – Skye Jethani steps up to the mic and we are getting this Lab underway!
  • 1:17 PM mynameisbrandon – Skye just said that they are a VERY early session tomorrow morning at 6:45am. Whoa.
  • 1:19 PM mynameisbrandon – You all ready?
  • 1:20 PM mynameisbrandon – Here we go.
  • 1:20 PM mynameisbrandon – God is having a conversation with the crowd about new perspectives in how we do relationships.
  • 1:20 PM Brian – yup!
  • 1:22 PM mynameisbrandon – Doing church better is not what matters…

  • 1:23 PM mynameisbrandon – Missional does not mean a methodology. It cuts across all categories and denominations.
  • 1:24 PM mynameisbrandon – Reggie is getting ready to write stuff down on a huge piece of paper.
  • 1:24 PM mynameisbrandon – What is missional church?
  • 1:25 PM mynameisbrandon – It is the people of God partnering with Him in His redemptive mission in the world.
  • 1:26 PM mynameisbrandon – People of God // We have learned that the Church is a SOMETHING.
  • 1:27 PM mynameisbrandon – The Church is not a SOMETHING or a WHAT…the Church is a WHO.
  • 1:28 PM mynameisbrandon – When we understand that the Church is a WHO, we understand that we are the Church…not the whole church, but a part of the church. When we get that, we understand that we Church everywhere we go.
  • 1:29 PM mynameisbrandon – We don’t plant churches…the Church is already planted. We need to water it.
  • 1:31 PM mynameisbrandon – The Church is deployed across all of the domains of culture. It itself is not one of the domains of culture.
  • 1:31 PM mynameisbrandon – We need to let the Church flourish in every nook and crannie of our society.
  • 1:32 PM mynameisbrandon – Reggie is making me tired…he is talking so fast.
  • 1:33 PM mynameisbrandon – When the Church sees itself missionally…WE are not the point.
  • 1:34 PM mynameisbrandon – “The Church doesn’t have a mission. The mission has a Church.”

    What do you think about that?

  • 1:35 PM mynameisbrandon – We need to equip people to be the Church where they already are.
  • 1:36 PM Brian – spot on!
  • 1:37 PM mynameisbrandon – Just like airports are connections and not destinations…in the Kingdom-centric understanding, the Church is the connection to the destination.
  • 1:41 PM mynameisbrandon – Partnering with Him // Whatever is important to God should be important to us.
  • 1:41 PM mynameisbrandon – We have been trying to get God to come bless our efforts and get on board with what WE are doing.
  • 1:43 PM mynameisbrandon – Do we really think God is waiting on us to accomplish His mission?
  • 1:43 PM mynameisbrandon – The Holy Spirit was way ahead of the Church in the book of Acts.
  • 1:43 PM mynameisbrandon – We are having to play catch-up with the Spirit again.
  • 1:44 PM mynameisbrandon – In His Redeeming Mission // The process of putting back together everything that sin broke.
  • 1:46 PM mynameisbrandon – Reggie is telling a story of a small church in East Texas who dedicated themselves to making sure that there were no more hungry people in their county.
  • 1:47 PM mynameisbrandon – Most churches, instead, are more concerned about how many kids show up to VBS.
  • 1:48 PM mynameisbrandon – Who is more involved in Children’s Ministry? The nursery worker or the public school teacher?
  • 1:50 PM mynameisbrandon – The Church brought in $102 billion last year. Why are there still hungry people in our communities?
  • 1:52 PM mynameisbrandon – “We have a God who raises the dead…but we keep asking Him to bless our potluck suppers.” We need to not only re-allocate our $$, we need to re-allocate all of our resources.
  • 1:53 PM Brian – @mynameisbrandon Because people don’t eat money.
  • 1:55 PM mynameisbrandon – Reggie is telling another story of a church who canceled a staff meeting…and instead sent them all out to pray in high-traffic areas where people congregate.
  • 1:55 PM mynameisbrandon – They were to pray 1 prayer for 60 minutes…
    “Lord, help me to see what You see.”
  • 1:56 PM mynameisbrandon – Later, they sent out the whole church on a Sunday to do the same thing!
  • 1:58 PM mynameisbrandon – The church’s heart was re-captured by the people that God has called them to serve.
  • 2:01 PM mynameisbrandon – Another story: Steve Green, the guy who runs Hobby Lobby, started a church in a Hobby Lobby in his hometown.
  • 2:01 PM mynameisbrandon – He wanted to create a church where the people already were!
  • 2:02 PM mynameisbrandon – If we understand this, we will see the Church at every Starbucks, sports arena, and apartment complex.
  • 2:03 PM mynameisbrandon – That wraps this session up. Check the blog and my Twitter for Lab #3 at 3:30 EST. We will hear from Scott Belsky on “Making Ideas Happen.”

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