Lab #3 w/ Scott Belsky

  • 2:05 PM mynameisbrandon – We will start at 3:30 EST.
  • 2:28 PM mynameisbrandon – Alright…we are kicking off.
  • 2:30 PM mynameisbrandon – Truth: Most ideas never happen.
  • 2:33 PM mynameisbrandon – “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”
  • 2:35 PM mynameisbrandon – Most ideas don’t happen…but some people consistently make them happen again and again.
  • 2:36 PM mynameisbrandon – If there is an equation…it is:

    Creativity/Ideas + Organization/Execution + Communal Forces + Leadership Capability = Making Ideas Happen.

  • 2:37 PM mynameisbrandon – Organization/Execution // Generate ideas in moderation. Having a surplus of ideas is as dangerous as having a drought of ideas.
  • 2:38 PM mynameisbrandon – Have a mandatory week of time pass between the idea and the execution. Bad ideas will die.
  • 2:39 PM mynameisbrandon – We have to distinguish between what is urgent and what is important.
  • 2:39 PM mynameisbrandon – We constantly are reacting to all the information coming in to us.
  • 2:41 PM mynameisbrandon – We need to have “Windows of Non-Stimulation.” These are times in our day where we don’t fire up our computer or cell phones and we have time to work on the Important things.
  • 2:41 PM mynameisbrandon – We need to spend energy on staying organized.
  • 2:42 PM mynameisbrandon – Creativity X Organization = Impact
  • 2:42 PM mynameisbrandon – If creativity is 5, but organization is 0…Impact = 0.
  • 2:42 PM mynameisbrandon – If creativity is 100 and organization is 0…the Impact is still 0.
  • 2:43 PM mynameisbrandon – But if creativity is 50 and organization is 2…the Impact is then 100!
  • 2:44 PM mynameisbrandon – We need to organize our days with a bias towards action.
  • 2:46 PM jhill1972 – Thanks Brandon I feel like I’m there
  • 2:46 PM mynameisbrandon – @jhill1972 That makes me glad. Thanks for jumping in!
  • 2:47 PM mynameisbrandon – This workshop room is packed out. I am sitting on the floor behind the video screen. People are sitting and standing all around me.
  • 2:51 PM mynameisbrandon – Our lives are like computers: we all have a limited amount of RAM in our lives. If we keep opening up programs/projects, we tend to slow down on everything. We need to keep only a few projects open at a time.
  • 2:53 PM mynameisbrandon – Communal Forces // We cannot accomplish our ideas alone.
  • 2:54 PM jhill1972 – Whoever this guy is he is explaining my life
  • 2:55 PM mynameisbrandon – We need to share our ideas liberally. We get people to engage in our ideas when we share them. We get immediate feedback. We get accountability. We get a feel for traction for our ideas.
  • 2:55 PM mynameisbrandon – @jhill1972 Yeah…this guy is nailing it. I love his ideas.
  • 2:56 PM mynameisbrandon – @jhill1972 He has a book coming out soon sharing these insights.
  • 2:58 PM mynameisbrandon – A competitive community is a good motivator to seeing ideas happen!
  • 3:04 PM mynameisbrandon – My belly is growling and my battery is getting low. Just sayin’.
  • 3:05 PM mynameisbrandon – Leadership Capability // In getting ideas done, the leaders need to talk last.
  • 3:07 PM mynameisbrandon – Let your team be heard…so they feel valuable and you will get some great insights.
  • 3:08 PM mynameisbrandon – Develop others through “appreciations.” After an idea is shared, the rest of the team shares what they like. The next time, strengths are maximized and weaknesses are minimized.
  • 3:08 PM jhill1972 – @mynameisbrandon Pluggin and pretend you are fasting
  • 3:10 PM mynameisbrandon – Scott mentions “insecurity work.” Doing stuff multiple times per day that has absolutely no significance in the outcome. This is the second time “insecurities” are mentioned today. God seems to be speaking to something…
  • 3:12 PM mynameisbrandon – We should look for teammates with initiative, not experience.
  • 3:14 PM mynameisbrandon – “Nothing extraordinary is ever achieved through ordinary means.”
  • 3:15 PM mynameisbrandon – That wraps this Lab up.
    Stay tuned to the blog and Twitter for our next session.

    It will be at 7:30pm EST and will include some teaching from Matt Chandler.

  • 3:15 PM mynameisbrandon – Thanks all.

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