Late Nite Lab w/ Matt Chandler

  • 7:26 PM mynameisbrandon – Welcome all…it will be a bit of time before Matt Chandler starts speaking. Things kick-off at 7:30pm EST and then there is some singing before he takes the stage. I will keep you posted.
  • 7:56 PM mynameisbrandon – Matt is taking the stage. Are you ready?
  • 7:59 PM mynameisbrandon – Welcome! If you like, post a comment with your name and your location. And…as I post…jump in the conversation by making comments.
  • 8:01 PM mynameisbrandon – Matt Chandler’s strategy for spiritual and numerical growth: fast and pray and beg God a lot.
  • 8:03 PM mynameisbrandon – At The Village (where Matt preaches) the pastors don’t baptize. The person who led the other to Christ does the baptizing.

  • 8:03 PM Kim – Louisiana
  • 8:03 PM mynameisbrandon – @Kim Welcome Kim!
  • 8:05 PM mynameisbrandon – Most of the people who are baptized have never heard the real Gospel. They had heard the gospel of “be right,” “be moral,” and more.
  • 8:07 PM mynameisbrandon – This massive ballroom is FULL of people. I bet there are 1,500 folks in here.
  • 8:08 PM mynameisbrandon – The Law wasn’t given so that we could obey it. The Law was given so that we would realize that we can’t make it on our own.
  • 8:08 PM mynameisbrandon – Thus, the Cross.
  • 8:11 PM mynameisbrandon – I Corinthians 15:1-2…the Gospel is for the past, present, and future.
  • 8:12 PM mynameisbrandon – Past = “which you received.”
    Present = “in which you stand.”
    Future = “which you are being saved, if you hold fast…”
  • 8:13 PM mynameisbrandon – Galatians 1:8-9…there is no other gospel.
  • 8:16 PM mynameisbrandon – Matt is spending a lot of time laying the foundational truth that there is no “other” gospel.
  • 8:17 PM mynameisbrandon – He is laying the Scriptures on thick…the most I have heard today. It’s refreshing.
  • 8:17 PM Kim – by saying “spending a lot of time”, I do believe you mean “unpacking” it. 🙂
  • 8:18 PM mynameisbrandon – @Kim Yes…not just one passage to make his point…3 or 4!
  • 8:18 PM mynameisbrandon – Colossians 1:13-20
  • 8:21 PM mynameisbrandon – “Shaquille O’Neill does a dance when he dunks, like he did something. He doesn’t do anything when he dunks…he is 7’3″. Make a free throw, brother, and then you can dance!”
  • 8:21 PM mynameisbrandon – That’s hilarious!
  • 8:21 PM Michael – love that it is relevant yet still lead by heavy scripture
  • 8:22 PM mynameisbrandon – @Michael Yes, me too! Chandler is one of my favorite preacher-guys.
  • 8:23 PM mynameisbrandon – You have a holy, perfect, demanding-perfection God.
    And you have people who are, by nature, wicked.
    And then…you have Jesus!
  • 8:25 PM mynameisbrandon – Matt is on a different level: he is using words like meta-narrative, moral deism, and stuff.
  • 8:27 PM mynameisbrandon – All things in our lives should roll up into worship. Food, drink, pleasure, and so forth.
  • 8:28 PM mynameisbrandon – God intended it to be that way…but sin entered the picture and fractured everything.
  • 8:29 PM mynameisbrandon – Now…instead of all things rolling up into worship, they terminate themselves. Food, instead of being worship, becomes gluttony. Wine, instead of being worship, becomes drunkenness.
  • 8:31 PM Kim – true.
  • 8:33 PM mynameisbrandon – Now, with the gospel in mind, it becomes clear that our role now is as an agent of reconciliation.
  • 8:34 PM mynameisbrandon – And where we live, what we do, our physical features, and our unformed substance is all given to us by God for the purpose of this reconciliation.
  • 8:35 PM mynameisbrandon – Please be aware of pendulum swinging gospel reductionism. (Those are big words!)
  • 8:38 PM mynameisbrandon – Avoid the gospel becoming extremely individualistic. When this happens, our relationship with God becomes personal and private instead of personal and public.
  • 8:38 PM Brian Mowers – @mynameisbrandon Yeah, but good big word.
  • 8:38 PM Kim – @mynameisbrandon can spell! this is a good thing! keep it up!
  • 8:38 PM mynameisbrandon – @Kim LOL…thanks!
  • 8:39 PM mynameisbrandon – We have to challenge people to understand work, neighborhood, and play all in light of the gospel.
  • 8:42 PM mynameisbrandon – Matt’s plea: We need to learn to be phenomenol leaders…but we need to make sure that we lead people to the true gospel.
  • 8:43 PM Brian Mowers – @mynameisbrandon Amen!
  • 8:43 PM mynameisbrandon – Please help the poor, serve the oppressed, reclaim the arts, redeem technology…but do it all with the gospel in view.
  • 8:44 PM mynameisbrandon – This session is wrapping up.
  • 8:45 PM mynameisbrandon – Thanks for popping in and chatting. Things fire back up tomorrow morning at 8:30am EST with Andy Stanley and things are just gonna go crazy from then on. Make sure you check my blog at ( ) and my Twitter ( ) for details.
  • 8:45 PM Brian Mowers – Thanks Brandon!
  • 8:46 PM mynameisbrandon – @Brian Mowers You’re welcome. Thanks for hanging out! Come back tomorrow!
  • 8:47 PM mynameisbrandon – Matt prays with his eyes open. I love it.
  • 8:48 PM mynameisbrandon – That’s it, friends. See you tomorrow!
  • 8:52 PM mynameisbrandon – Just finished live blogging for the night. Now I am heading to a #bloggersmeetup. #CAT09 #fb
  • 10:14 PM jdchristy – I like to pray with my Eyes open too, but never did in public because I wasn’t sure it was appropriate.
  • 10:14 PM Kim – thx!

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One thought on “Late Nite Lab w/ Matt Chandler

  1. Thanks for the post. Wish I could be there. Listen to Chadler every week. I love the if you’re doing church because you don’t like the way someone else is doing it, please resign you little boys. Classic Chandler. He’s gonna blow it up tomorrow at 5. Look forward to your post.

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