Session #8 w/ Chuck Swindoll

  • 10:42 AM mynameisbrandon – And I am in the room LIVE.
  • 10:43 AM mynameisbrandon – The band onstage is covering the U2 song “In the Name of Love.” Sweetness.
  • 10:46 AM mynameisbrandon – As always, you are welcome and invited to jump into the conversation by using the Comment feature!
  • 10:47 AM mynameisbrandon – Margaret Feinberg is on-stage. Anybody read anything of hers?
  • 10:52 AM johnwaldo – Thanks for doing this.
  • 10:53 AM mynameisbrandon – Feinberg spent time with a shepherdess in Oregon, a farmer in Nebraska, a bee-keeper in Colorado, and a vintner in Napa Valley, California to write this book.

  • 10:54 AM mynameisbrandon – The book is called “Scouting the Divine.”
  • 10:55 AM mynameisbrandon – @johnwaldo You’re welcome. Thanks for joining in!
  • 10:55 AM mynameisbrandon – After this commercial, things are going to kick-in!
  • 10:58 AM mynameisbrandon – They are showing some videos here encouraging social justice and action.
  • 10:59 AM mynameisbrandon – This generation present at Catalyst is passionate about these issues. They are a force to be reckoned with.
  • 11:00 AM mynameisbrandon – Catalyst is doing some cool work with Compassion International. Anybody in the room who sponsors kids through Compassion? My family supports 2.
  • 11:02 AM mynameisbrandon – A young man named Jimmy is on the stage now from Kenya. He has a story.
  • 11:02 AM mynameisbrandon – He grew up in a slum in Kenya. When he was 4, his mom became confined to bed all day. Instead of starving, Jimmy went to the streets roaming to find food.
  • 11:03 AM mynameisbrandon – When he was 7, his 10-month old sister died of starvation in the lap of his mother.
  • 11:04 AM mynameisbrandon – At 8, he traveled to a Compassion project 200 miles from his home.
  • 11:06 AM mynameisbrandon – 4 months later he got a letter: “Hello Jimmy…my name is Mark and I am 20 years old…” It was a sponsorship letter.
  • 11:06 AM mynameisbrandon – Now Jimmy is at Moody Bible Institute studying the Bible in order to go back to Kenya and stand in the gap.
  • 11:06 AM mynameisbrandon – Now Jimmy sponsors a kid in Haiti.
  • 11:07 AM mynameisbrandon – This story moves me to tears…as my family and I have 2 kids like Jimmy…one in India and the other in Kenya…that we sponsor.
  • 11:08 AM mynameisbrandon – Jimmy has never met his sponsor…
  • 11:09 AM mynameisbrandon – And they just surprised him by bringing his sponsor, Mark on stage…to meet him for the first time.
  • 11:10 AM mynameisbrandon – The place erupted. Jimmy is weeping on-stage. He can’t talk. Mark and Jimmy embraced and hugged for at least 2 minutes while the place cheered.
  • 11:10 AM mynameisbrandon – This is the BEST moment of the whole conference.
  • 11:10 AM mynameisbrandon – The MC is choked up, too.
  • 11:10 AM mynameisbrandon – I am weeping.
  • 11:12 AM mynameisbrandon – What an amazing moment.
  • 11:16 AM mynameisbrandon – Just sang a song on stage called “We Are Free to Change the World.”
  • 11:17 AM mynameisbrandon – One of the dreams of my wife and I is to be able to travel to where our sponsored kids live and to meet them and see their lives.
  • 11:17 AM Brian Mowers – just got back and caught up…awesome!!
  • 11:18 AM mynameisbrandon – @Brian Mowers Welcome back! It was the best moment of the week so far.
  • 11:18 AM mynameisbrandon – Just a young college student doing his part.
  • 11:19 AM mynameisbrandon – There are 143 million orphans in the world.
  • 11:22 AM mynameisbrandon – Now, the challenge is issued to take it beyond sponsoring kids…they are making a call for people to adopt kids into their homes.
  • 11:26 AM mynameisbrandon – Mac Powell, the lead singer of Third Day, making a surprise appearance.
  • 11:26 AM mynameisbrandon – Mac and his wife have 3 kids…and they just adopted their 4th.
  • 11:26 AM Brian Mowers – whoop!
  • 11:31 AM mynameisbrandon – Mac brought his adopted son here…and he is a cutie. Just talked about what it is like adopting kids when you already have biological children.
  • 11:33 AM mynameisbrandon – Mac: “Adoption isn’t for everyone. But it is for a lot more people than are doing it.”
  • 11:35 AM mynameisbrandon – All the adoptive parents in the house just stood up. The people applaud them…
  • 11:35 AM mynameisbrandon – What can we do, as leaders, to help others consider adotion and to walk with them through the process.
  • 11:35 AM mynameisbrandon – 100,000 kids in the US are waiting to be adopted.
  • 11:35 AM mynameisbrandon – There are 300,000 churches in the US.
  • 11:36 AM mynameisbrandon – If 1 family in 1/3 of our churches would adopt…no child would be left waiting.
  • 11:38 AM mynameisbrandon – One of the MCs is twisting Mac’s arm to sing a song before leaving the stage.
  • 11:41 AM mynameisbrandon – They brought out a children’s choir to sing back-up as Mac leads us in singing “Mighty to Save.”
  • 11:47 AM Courtney – Thank you so much for live bloggin this! I couldn’t be there and after being at Orange I can feel it just as you are describing! I could feel the tears just reading what happened! Thank you so much again!
  • 11:47 AM mynameisbrandon – Wow…another great experience this morning. Catalyst is pulling out all the stops.
  • 11:48 AM mynameisbrandon – While we were singing…all the audio/video went out.
  • 11:48 AM mynameisbrandon – We kept on singing!
  • 11:48 AM mynameisbrandon – The power just got restored.
  • 11:49 AM mynameisbrandon – @Courtney You are welcome! Thanks for being a part of it. I’m glad you all are a part of what’s going on here. And you really are. I feel like I’ve been hanging with you this whole time.
  • 11:49 AM dadrowles – Oh how I wish I could be there in person, thanks for dong this as it brings us closer to being there.
  • 11:49 AM mynameisbrandon – @dadrowles Absolutely welcome.
  • 11:51 AM mynameisbrandon – If you feel like this is helpful…please let the folks at the Christian Standard know. Write them at and tell them thanks and how good this has been.
  • 11:52 AM mynameisbrandon – Andy Stanley is on stage…and he just said that today we are going to honor Chuck Swindoll.
  • 11:52 AM mynameisbrandon – Chuck came out on stage and the audience erupted into a standing ovation.
  • 11:54 AM Joshua David Christy – I remember listening to Chuck’s sermons on the radio in the car when I went on Vacation as a Child 🙂
  • 11:55 AM mynameisbrandon – @Joshua David Christy He is been an amazingly influential leader for a long time.
  • 11:55 AM mynameisbrandon – They are rolling video of people in Chuck’s life giving him honor.
  • 11:56 AM mynameisbrandon – His sister Lucy is on right now. She taught him how to smoke when they were young. Funny story.
  • 11:56 AM johnwaldo – Who’s Chuck Swindoll? (just kidding)
  • 11:56 AM dadrowles – God changed his life, later in his life, and has given him a long life to serve Him.
  • 11:58 AM mynameisbrandon – His sister was disciplined for teaching him how to smoke and he was disciplined for tattling on her!
  • 11:59 AM mynameisbrandon – She shared a story of how Chuck prepared for 18 hours to teach. And nobody showed up. But he wasn’t upset. He said, “God really is the teacher. I am just a student.”
  • 12:00 PM mynameisbrandon – He is being given a Lifetime Achievement Award today.
  • 12:00 PM mynameisbrandon – Now Rick Warren is sharing via video.
  • 12:02 PM mynameisbrandon – Now he is preparing to teach.
  • 12:04 PM mynameisbrandon – 50 years ago this fall, Chuck was starting his seminary training.
  • 12:04 PM mynameisbrandon – “When God wants to do an impossible task…He takes an impossible person and crushes him.”
  • 12:06 PM mynameisbrandon – “No one is more surprised about my being here today than me.”
  • 12:07 PM mynameisbrandon – Chuck is speaking to us as a grandfather. It’s very touching.
  • 12:07 PM mynameisbrandon – “I am proud of all that you are doing and dreaming about…I just want you to leave room in your life for the crushing.”
  • 12:07 PM mynameisbrandon – 10 Things Chuck Has Learned About Leadership:
  • 12:08 PM mynameisbrandon – 1) It is lonely to lead.
  • 12:08 PM mynameisbrandon – The tougher the decisions you have to make…the more lonely it is.
  • 12:08 PM mynameisbrandon – 2) It is dangerous to succeed.
  • 12:08 PM mynameisbrandon – It’s more dangerous the younger that you are.
  • 12:09 PM mynameisbrandon – 3) It is hardest at home.
  • 12:10 PM Joshua David Christy – I don’t mind danger quite so much, but I don’t like being lonely.
  • 12:10 PM mynameisbrandon – @Joshua David Christy It’s dangerous because you don’t have the life experience you need yet.
  • 12:11 PM mynameisbrandon – Chuck has this place rolling in laughter! He is hilarious.
  • 12:11 PM mynameisbrandon – 4) It is essential to be real.
  • 12:11 PM mynameisbrandon – Phoniness is personified amongst leaders.
  • 12:12 PM mynameisbrandon – 5) It is painful to obey.
  • 12:12 PM mynameisbrandon – It is always painful when you give up your way for the way of the cross.
  • 12:12 PM mynameisbrandon – 6) Brokenness and failure are necessary. (See point #2)
  • 12:13 PM mynameisbrandon – Everything that I have learned in my 75 years that has significance…I learned the affliction, not in happiness. –Mulleridge
  • 12:14 PM mynameisbrandon – 7) My attitude is more important that my actions.
  • 12:14 PM mynameisbrandon – Some of us, according to Swindoll, are getting hard to be around.
  • 12:14 PM mynameisbrandon – Our bad attitude covers up all the good actions we are trying to pull off.
  • 12:14 PM mynameisbrandon – Ouch.
  • 12:15 PM mynameisbrandon – 8) Integrity eclipses image.
  • 12:15 PM mynameisbrandon – 9) God’s way is always better than my way.
  • 12:15 PM mynameisbrandon – Our problem is that we are just too capable.
  • 12:16 PM mynameisbrandon – God cannot pour His riches into hands that are already full.
  • 12:17 PM mynameisbrandon – 10) Christ-likeness begins and ends with humility.
  • 12:17 PM mynameisbrandon – “I am meek and lowly at heart” is the only description we have of Jesus in the Bible.
  • 12:18 PM mynameisbrandon – II Corinthians 4 is the best tie-in passage in the Bible to ministry.
  • 12:19 PM mynameisbrandon – II Cor. 4:1-2, 5-7
  • 12:20 PM mynameisbrandon – Foundational Principle: we must be willing to leave the familiar methods without disturbing the Biblical message.
  • 12:21 PM mynameisbrandon – There is a difference between tradition and traditionalism.
  • 12:21 PM mynameisbrandon – Tradition is the living faith of those now dead.
    Traditionalism is the dead faith of those still living.
  • 12:22 PM mynameisbrandon – With every ministry, a special mercy is needed.
    II Cor. 4:1
  • 12:23 PM mynameisbrandon – In every ministry, the same things must be renounced and rejected:
    *hiding shameful things
    *doing deceitful things
    *corrupting truthful things
    II Cor. 4:2
  • 12:25 PM mynameisbrandon – Through every ministry, a unique style should be pursued.
    *we don’t preach or promote ourselves
    *we declare Christ as Lord
    *we see ourselves as slaves for Jesus
    *we never forget what we are…and who He is
    II Cor. 4:5
  • 12:27 PM mynameisbrandon – 5 statements to remember in your next 50 years of leadership:
  • 12:28 PM mynameisbrandon – 1) Whatever you do, do more with others and less alone.
  • 12:28 PM mynameisbrandon – 2) Whenever you do it, emphasize quality; not quantity.
  • 12:28 PM mynameisbrandon – 3) Wherever you go, do it the same as if you were among those who know you best.
  • 12:30 PM mynameisbrandon – 4) Whoever may respond, keep a level head.
  • 12:31 PM mynameisbrandon – 5) However long you lead, keep on dripping with gratitude and grace.
  • 12:33 PM mynameisbrandon – Standing ovation for Chuck as he leaves the stage.
  • 12:35 PM mynameisbrandon – This wraps up this session…time for some lunch. Next session is at 1:45pm and they are promising some amazing things. “Something that has never happened here before is going to happen.”
  • 12:35 PM mynameisbrandon – Don’t miss it! See the blog and Twitter feed for links!

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