Session #9 w/ Louie Giglio

  • 1:50 PM Brian Mowers – This one may test your typing skills, Brandon.
  • 1:52 PM mynameisbrandon – Hey friends…I am in the room LIVE.
  • 1:53 PM mynameisbrandon – They are getting ready to talk about the next years of Catalyst.
  • 1:53 PM mynameisbrandon – Oct. 7-8, 2010 are the dates for next year.
  • 1:53 PM mynameisbrandon – As always, jump in the conversation by using the Comment feature.
  • 1:54 PM mynameisbrandon – This will be my last session with you. Sadly, I have to catch a flight home and will have to miss the last session. Sorry.
  • 1:55 PM mynameisbrandon – The band just finished up a sweet cover of Sugarland’s “Love.” Wow.
  • 1:55 PM Brian Mowers – @mynameisbrandon It’s been a real pleasure, brother.
  • 1:56 PM mynameisbrandon – @Brian Mowers Thank you. It’s been a fun time. I have loved doing this.
  • 1:56 PM johnwaldo – Nooooooo!!! Stay!
  • 1:56 PM Bethany – I’m on the airport shuttle now- curious about what I’m missing…
  • 1:56 PM mynameisbrandon – @Bethany Stay here and I will give you the play-by-play.
  • 1:56 PM mynameisbrandon – @johnwaldo Believe me, I want to!
  • 1:57 PM mynameisbrandon – They have been trying all day to get Lanny (one of the MCs) on Jay Leno. They are trying to accomplish this by using Twitter.
  • 1:58 PM johnwaldo – What’s the exact tweet to tweet?
  • 1:58 PM mynameisbrandon – They took it off the screen…the tag is #lannyonleno and the website is
  • 1:59 PM mynameisbrandon – They have a guy here named Professor Splash. He is going up a huge elevator in the auditorium and is going to dive off a huge lift into a shallow kiddie pool!
  • 2:00 PM mynameisbrandon – He is going up to 35’9″ in order to jump into a pool that is 1′ deep!

  • 2:00 PM mynameisbrandon – This is insane!
  • 2:02 PM Brian Mowers – will you get wet?
  • 2:02 PM mynameisbrandon – @Brian Mowers No…not that close.
  • 2:02 PM mynameisbrandon – This makes me nervous…I have much anxiety about this.
  • 2:03 PM mynameisbrandon – He is jumping right in front of me, though. I will post pictures later! Keep an eye on my blog.
  • 2:06 PM mynameisbrandon – He did it!
  • 2:06 PM mynameisbrandon – And is alive still to tell about it.
  • 2:07 PM mynameisbrandon – I got a sweet pic of him in the air!
  • 2:09 PM mynameisbrandon – Ed Stetzer is now on the stage…Ed works with Lifeway. He does research. He has stats to show us.
  • 2:10 PM mynameisbrandon – 67% of pastors are investing in leaders who will emerge in the next 10 years.
  • 2:11 PM mynameisbrandon – 52% of pastors feel that the church is doing a good job fostering and developing new leaders.
  • 2:12 PM mynameisbrandon – 97% of pastors feel like they are living out their calling and making a difference.
  • 2:13 PM mynameisbrandon – They are not as satisfied, though, in the way they are fulfilling their calling.
  • 2:14 PM mynameisbrandon – 39% of pastors did NOT expect to be in their current ministry position 10 years ago.
  • 2:14 PM mynameisbrandon – 56% of those same pastors expect they will be in a different role in 10 years from now.
  • 2:15 PM mynameisbrandon – 83% expect their churches to look different in 10 years.
  • 2:16 PM mynameisbrandon – I hope my battery holds. My charge is running low!
  • 2:19 PM Brian Mowers – uh oh!
  • 2:19 PM mynameisbrandon – We are going to sing a few songs…I am going to stay quiet during to conserve some battery life for Giglio!
  • 2:41 PM Bethany – Would love to know who’s leading/what songs…
  • 2:41 PM mynameisbrandon – @Bethany Sorry I had to disappear. The guy from Northpoint Community Church was leading.
  • 2:42 PM mynameisbrandon – Louie Giglio is on stage and I am back LIVE.
  • 2:42 PM mynameisbrandon – I should have enough battery to get through this session!
  • 2:43 PM mynameisbrandon – “It is all about the person of Jesus Christ.”
  • 2:43 PM mynameisbrandon – We need to wrap our thoughts around this idea that it is all about Jesus.
  • 2:44 PM mynameisbrandon – What is all about Jesus? Everything!
  • 2:44 PM mynameisbrandon – Louie’s summation of leadership is this: “Leadership is about knowing…and following…Jesus Christ.”
  • 2:44 PM johnwaldo – If your battery dies, I think Louie’s point was still made 🙂
  • 2:45 PM mynameisbrandon – @johnwaldo Good point…now you know what it is all about ! 🙂
  • 2:45 PM mynameisbrandon – As always, feel free to jump in the conversation with your comments!
  • 2:47 PM mynameisbrandon – Here is a question we have to wrestle with when thinking about the theme, “On Your Mark”: “Where are we racing to?”
  • 2:49 PM mynameisbrandon – If we are on our mark…where are we going?
  • 2:50 PM mynameisbrandon – We are all going to a common destination.
  • 2:51 PM mynameisbrandon – Thomas Merton–“Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire.”
  • 2:51 PM mynameisbrandon – We are made in the image of what we desire…
  • 2:51 PM mynameisbrandon – Is it the image of God that we desire? Or is it something or someone else? (My thought.)
  • 2:53 PM mynameisbrandon – Our common destination is before the face of the Son of God.
  • 2:54 PM mynameisbrandon – He is the end of our journey.
  • 2:54 PM mynameisbrandon – Maybe life doesn’t look like a stairstep going up and up to better things…but maybe our lives look more like a circle. We start at God, He carries us around, and we end up in the place we started.
  • 2:57 PM Bethany – Thanks for the notes, Brandon…
  • 2:57 PM mynameisbrandon – @Bethany Sure thing.
  • 2:58 PM mynameisbrandon – Knowledge will cease. Preaching will cease. Prophesying will cease. All of it will cease.

    I Cor. 13:8-9

  • 2:59 PM mynameisbrandon – And when this all ceases…it will be the day that “we see face to face.”

    I Cor. 13:12

  • 3:00 PM mynameisbrandon – 2 things essential to find on the face of Jesus:
  • 3:00 PM mynameisbrandon – 1) We find matchless beauty and significance.
  • 3:01 PM mynameisbrandon – This is what we were made for.
  • 3:01 PM mynameisbrandon – Heaven is just not where we go when we are done doing our stuff here on earth. Seeing Jesus’ face is the tape that we run to RIGHT NOW.
  • 3:03 PM mynameisbrandon – (Only 16% battery left!)
  • 3:08 PM Courtney – I’m praying that as the fish and the loaves and the widow’s wine and yeast were multiplied and lasted…so too will your battery!
  • 3:08 PM mynameisbrandon – @Courtney LOL…thanks!
  • 3:13 PM mynameisbrandon – Paul said, in Philippians, that he didn’t mind losing EVERYTHING in the pursuit of GAINING Jesus and his face.
  • 3:14 PM mynameisbrandon – We tend to lose sight of Jesus as we pursue gaining everything else.
  • 3:14 PM mynameisbrandon – “I want to know Jesus.” — Paul in Philippians
    Talk about leadership and vision!
  • 3:14 PM mynameisbrandon – The second thing on the face of Jesus.
  • 3:14 PM mynameisbrandon – 2) The confidence and courage to be the leaders we need to be.
  • 3:15 PM JUAN M – @mynameisbrandon thanks a lot for this
  • 3:15 PM mynameisbrandon – @JUAN M You’re welcome! Thanks for joining in!
  • 3:17 PM mynameisbrandon – Jesus…as the head of the Church…is leading us as lesser leaders of the Church.
  • 3:19 PM Dave in Eureka – Thanks for doing this, have a safe trip back to MO
  • 3:19 PM mynameisbrandon – Louie is talking about killing snakes in his yard. He said it’s not enough to just kill a snake…he cut their heads off too.
  • 3:19 PM mynameisbrandon – And he hung them in his trees as a sign to all in the reptile kingdom!
  • 3:20 PM mynameisbrandon – This must be how the Enemy felt whenever he thought Jesus was dead to stay.
  • 3:20 PM mynameisbrandon – If we can cut off the Head of the Church, that should kill the Church.
  • 3:21 PM mynameisbrandon – We are a part of a Church whose Head was cut off and hung in a tree…and the Head overcame that…and so did the Church. What else can the Enemy throw at us?
  • 3:21 PM mynameisbrandon – @Dave in Eureka Thank you! Thanks for sharing this with us over the last few days!
  • 3:21 PM mynameisbrandon – (Down to 10% battery!)
  • 3:23 PM mynameisbrandon – He is a great Head on an unstoppable Church!
  • 3:24 PM Brian Mowers – @mynameisbrandon Just in case…thank you, Brandon. You da’ man!
  • 3:24 PM mynameisbrandon – @Brian Mowers You’re welcome! Thanks for sharing it with me!
  • 3:25 PM mynameisbrandon – At the end of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition…when they yell “Move that bus!” You don’t see the new house. You see the faces of the people.
  • 3:26 PM mynameisbrandon – You don’t see the house for the people first…you see the house on the people first!
  • 3:27 PM mynameisbrandon – The same is true in our world…the people around us don’t see Jesus first…they see our faces first!
  • 3:27 PM mynameisbrandon – When we have Jesus on our face…the world will see Him and come to know Him.
  • 3:27 PM mynameisbrandon – This will pretty much wrap things up…a few final notes from me:
  • 3:28 PM mynameisbrandon – If you have appreciated and enjoyed it…let the folks over at the Christian Standard know. They have been HUGE in pulling this off. You can email them at
  • 3:29 PM mynameisbrandon – Also, I would love to pick your brains about this experience too. If you want, send me an email at and I will reply soon to ask you a few questions.
  • 3:30 PM mynameisbrandon – Finally…thank you SO MUCH for being a part of this with me. This has been an amazing experiment. I’ve enjoyed being your eyes and ears and sharing these moments with you all…even though we are miles away.
  • 3:30 PM mynameisbrandon – Check for ALL the notes from Catalyst and for some thoughts and reflections.
  • 3:30 PM mynameisbrandon – Also, you can follow me on Twitter at:
  • 3:31 PM mynameisbrandon – We close out this session by singing, “Oh Lord, You’re beautiful! Your face is all I seek!”
  • 3:33 PM mynameisbrandon – Grace to you all…and peace…

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