Some College Ministry Conversations

I have a couple of weighty posts coming in the next few days or so. Before we go there, though, I thought it would be cool to bring you up to speed on some great conversations regarding college ministry happening elsewhere.

Ed Stetzer, Lifeway Research Guru, shares some statistics about college students and their use of Facebook. College ministers need to be where the students are at and there is no doubt they are on Facebook. But, what is the effect it’s having? Read Ed’s post.

Guy Chmieleski asks the question “Is it OK to close the door?” How do we balance our to-do list and relationships with students? Jump in.

The brand new blog over for the Association of Collegeiate Ministries is called and there have been some great posts kicking things off. Tim Hawkins offers 3 Points for Tuning Up Small Groups. I made a quick post about college ministry being a sort of Reverse Missionary Work.

My good friend Benson Hines is traveling around the country (again!) and visiting lots of campus ministries. Follow his journey.

That should give you something to read for a few minutes. As always, thanks for popping over to


4 thoughts on “Some College Ministry Conversations

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on these. That’s awesome.

    And, you’re right – it WAS weird that both commenters on Stetzer’s post are named Brandon Smith. I thought that first one didn’t sound like you…

  2. Benson,

    Yeah, I did a double-take when I saw that guy’s name. Kinda funny. And, I am with you…he doesn’t sound like me at all. Just for a giggle, you should read the “About Me” page on his blog. So not me.

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