Don’t Do Your Own Thing

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Ministry leaders have been guilty, I think, of re-creating the wheel. We always insist on doing our own thing, even if that thing is the exact same thing someone else is already doing and doing well!

For example, let’s say some students involved in my campus ministry get the idea to do a food drive over the holidays. And so, we invest tons of time and energy in brainstorming for our food drive, promoting and publicizing our food drive, and then executing our food drive.

And this is a good thing…but is it the best use of our resources?

Let’s say that while we are doing all of this, there is another organization on campus doing their own food drive. And they are investing tons of time and energy as well.

My question is this: instead of our organizations investing twice as much energy and time and resources into the same thing, why shouldn’t our campus ministry simply jump in with what other organizations are already making happen on campus?

This is the model we are adopting at the Christian Campus House. Instead of constantly attempting to do our own thing, we are always on the lookout for what other organizations are already doing on campus. And then we join in the effort.

In the next few days, I hope to elaborate on what this could look like and how we are doing it. There are benefits and pitfalls, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

Stick around…would love for you to join in the conversation.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Do Your Own Thing

  1. Hey friend… Agreed! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “don’t reinvent the wheel” both in my work in the corporate world & right now in ministry. (Been spending most of my time here lately researching what others are doing in the internet cafe/coffee shop realm.) There are plenty of times when fresh creativity & new things are positive I think, but often I agree with finding out what others are already doing that works. Then seeing how that idea can fit in your situation, with what God is already at work doing.

  2. Befro,

    Yep…and not only finding out what they are doing that is working, but actually joining with them in their cause.

    That doesn’t necessarily apply to someone starting a new business or a new ministry…but it does work for us. There are TONS of GREAT things going on already on our campus. Instead of insisting that we do our own stuff, we are jumping in the game of what is already happening.

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