2010 Resolutions

A lot of people don’t like resolutions. Myself, I have always enjoyed the New Year and making resolutions. For me, it’s a natural time in my life to make new commitments or re-commit to old ones.

And so, just for fun (and maybe accountability’s sake) I thought I would post my list of resolutions and goals for 2010. And, although it is January 6th, this list is always in motion; a work-in-progress.

  • Run a half-marathon. I am aiming for this one in St. Louis on April 11th. I would also like to run in a few more 5k and 10k races throughout the year to keep me running.
  • Lose 15-20 pounds. I imagine this will happen as I train for the races. However, besides the exercise, I will amp up my high-fiber dieting intentions.
  • Write a book. I have an idea and some words down on paper already. I will write on it each day.
  • Create intentional relationships. As a “professional” Christian, I have lots of relationships. I want certain ones to be intentionally going somewhere; towards a deeper faith in Christ (discipleship) or towards faith for the first time (evangelism).
  • What else?

Nothing earth shattering about my list. It probably looks like the lists of a thousand others. But, it’s where I am right now and where I hope to be at the end of the next 365 days.

What’s on your list?


3 thoughts on “2010 Resolutions

  1. Looks good! I do this kind of work annually, too. Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley is a great read and would be fantastic this time of the year! ‘Direction, not Intention, determines your Destination.’

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