January 8, 2000 ~~ 10 Years of Marriage

Ten years ago today, on January 8th, 2000, Keri and I took vows before God and our family and friends that we would love, serve, and cherish each other in marriage for the rest of our lives.

Well, we are 10 years to the day into the rest of our lives. I thought it would be fun to highlight the last decade of our life together.

2000: We got married and honeymooned (in Eureka Springs, AR of all places) and then headed back to school for our final semester of college. After graduation, we both got our first jobs out of college; Keri working in the Admissions office at Truman State University and me as a Youth Minister.

2001: We bought our first house in Kirksville, MO this year. It was a quaint, 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom house. Perfect for the two of us and our two cats, Moses and Rocket. Keri got pregnant this year, but we lost the baby in the first trimester to a miscarriage. That was the toughest stretch for us in our young marriage.

2002: This was a busy year. Keri got pregnant again and we decided to move on from Kirksville. I ended up taking a job at Household Finance Company in Indianapolis, IN. I moved first and Keri stayed behind to sell our house. Eventually we were reunited in Indianapolis, where we lived with my parents for a stretch.

2003: In May of this year, our first daughter, Eden, was born. Just a few short months after that, I became the Campus Minister at Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Nebraska, Kearney. And so…we packed up and moved again. Keri, wanting to balance motherhood and working, got a part-time job at UNK in their Student Support Services office.

2004: In September of this year, our second daughter, Jerah, was born. We kept plugging away at our ministry in Kearney.

2005: At the end of the 2004-05 school year, I resigned my position at CSF and took the Preaching Minister position at the Benson Church of Christ in Omaha, NE. We bought a house in Omaha and moved in the fall.

2006: In November of this year, our first son, Simeon, was born. I continued to serve our small church and also started working at Carlson Hospitality in Omaha. Carlson was a hotel reservation call-center. If you made reservations at a Radisson, Country Inns or Suites, Park Inn or Park Plaza in 2006 or 2007, you may have talked with me. In my second month on the job, I won Employee of the Month, chosen from 200+ employees.

2007: In February of this year, I heard about the Campus Minister position opening up at the Christian Campus House at Northwest Missouri State University. Anxious to get back into campus ministry and back into Missouri, I applied, interviewed, and was offered the position. We listed our house in Omaha and moved to Maryville. I officially started my job in May and things really got rolling when the college students arrived in force in August.

2008: The ministry at Northwest continued to grow and we continued to enjoy where God had placed us, feeling like we had finally found our sweet spot. Oh, and that wasn’t the only thing growing; our second son, Ezra, was born in October.

2009: The year has just wrapped up. In anticipation of our 10th anniversary, Keri and I decided to set sail together on a 7-day cruise to the western Caribbean. Our schedules allowed us to celebrate a bit earlier, so we took off Thanksgiving week and had an amazing time. If you’ll notice that the first honeymoon was in Eureka Springs, AR, I felt I owed Keri a nice 10th anniversary trip.

I am excited about what the next 10 years may bring. We have dreams…and plans…and hearts that are open to divine interruption.

But, as for today, I am thanking God for Keri, my bride. She loves Jesus. She loves me. She loves our children. What else could I ask for?

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”
–Proverbs 18:22


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