New Orleans, 2010

Once I time, I used to blog.

It’s been ages. I have much to tell you about my previous post…the one sharing with you about our mission trip to Romania this summer. It’s been canceled. I will explain more later.

In the meantime, I have other mission trip news to share.

Today, I am heading south to New Orleans! Each year, something astounding happens: students from the Christian Campus House give up their spring breaks, pay money, in order to go to work! This year, 19 students and 2 staff members are making the trip.

This will be our 3rd year in a row heading down to NOLA to help with the continuing hurricane recovery. Yes, the city is still recovering. In fact, many estimate the city has 10 years still ahead of it before it’s “recovered.”

I hope to share with you a few stories and pictures as we go this next week. In fact, our local newspaper, the Maryville Daily Forum was interested in running a few stories on our group and our trip. Those few stories evolved into a blog. The newspaper will be posting updates from me throughout our trip. I don’t have the web address for that blog yet, but when I do…I will pass it along to you.

As always, you can follow my Twitter feed here. I plan on tweeting throughout the week.


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