i have stories

today is may 17th. most of my readers won’t know this about me, but i dated a girl through high school and part of college. she was killed in a car accident when i was a sophomore…she a freshman. that moment changed my life. through the grief and pain, God brought me to himself. 

and today is may 17th. it would have been her 31st birthday today.

you see, i have stories to tell.
i am a father of 4…soon to be 5…children.
i work as a minister to college students.
i am writing a book.
i am a sometimes seminary student.
i just bought a house. 
i get to meet with the president of the university i work at tomorrow. 

i have stories.
you have stories.
we can, and should, share our stories. i hope this space will be a place we can do that.

consider this my re-entry into the blogosphere. i want to share with you some stories.

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