integrity trumps a mistake

i recently posted another reason why you should Restore Your Faith in Humanity.

remember when baseball umpire jim joyce blew a call that cost pitcher armando galarraga a perfect game? joyce, upon seeing the replay, immediately admitted his mistake and felt terrible. and the next day galarraga delivered the line-up card to joyce, shook his hand, and gave him the “don’t worry about it” shoulder punch. what a display of humility and grace.

well…the results of a survey have just been released stating that joyce has been chosen, by 50 random ballplayers, as the best umpire in the league.

read the article here.

integrity trumps mistakes.

you are free to fail. But it seems to me the healing or recovery time after a mistake is less if your life is one of integrity. it’s almost as though integrity is the Neosporin of character traits; it speeds up healing and recovery after a mistake wounds you.

proverbs 10:9 ESV
whoever walks in integrity walks securely…


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