“restore your faith in humanity” friday #9

i have taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging…but felt like today was a great day to resurrect my Restore Your Faith in Humanity Friday posts. enjoy!

i don’t know if you are much of a baseball fan, but we live and breathe with the boys of summer around my house.

wednesday night was a crazy night in the baseball world. here’s the short version: detroit tigers’ pitcher armando galarraga was pitching a perfect game. that means no hits and no walks. no baserunners at all. he had 2 outs in the top of the 9th inning and only needed one more out to secure his place in the history books.

jason donald, the batter facing galarraga, slapped a ball to the second basemen. the throw to first was in time…in fact, the ball beat the runner by a step. there was only one problem:

the first base umpire, jim joyce, called the runner safe.

(watch the controversial play here.)

there goes the perfect game. there goes every major league pitcher’s dream.

galarraga had every right to be mad. very mad. but he wasn’t. he was full of grace.

after the game, when joyce watched the replay, he knew he was wrong. and he said so. he was upfront and took the heat like a man. he was humble.

fast forward to thursday.

guess who called balls and strikes in thursday’s game? that’s right. jim joyce. (that’s classic baseball!) and, in a classy move, guess who brought the line-up to him at home plate? yep. armando galarraga.

(watch the great video here.)

joyce struggled to hold back the tears. galarraga shook his hand and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. joyce returned the gesture. it was a moving scene.

i love there was no griping or whining from galarraga. i love that there was humility and ownership of the mistake from joyce. and i love the great act of sportsmanship and respect at home plate.

may your faith in humanity be restored today!


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