what we learned by eating with sinners

a few months back, i wrote a review of a great book i had read entitled eats with sinners. since writing that review, i have led our college ministry through an entire semester of studying the ideas and principles in the book. i also have since had the chance to meet the author, arron chambers, whose integrity and passionate heart simply validate the book. i am honored to call him a friend.

when christian standard caught wind that our ministry was putting into practice the art of eating with sinners, they asked if i would tell our story. lessons learned, insights gained, things like this.

well, that article released today.

here is the opening paragraph:

The ministry I serve, the Christian Campus House at Northwest Missouri State Universityin Maryville, does not necessarily operate under what I would call a “written budget.” This mostly is because we rarely have money with which to budget. And while I am only half joking, my serious half supposes one of the biggest line items, if we did have a written budget, would be “food.”

click here to read the rest of the article.

would love to hear your thoughts…and please, go buy arron’s book. read it. do it. and tell your own story.



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