campus ministry question #1

the end of summer is upon us…and for those of us in campus ministry, life is crazy right now. here at the Christian Campus House, we don't have students for another two weeks. most of my college ministry colleagues have students next week. some this week. any way you shake it, the campus ministry "season" is upon us.

i hinted a few weeks ago at how cool i thought it might be to put together, over the course of time, some neat discussion-related resources here at the blog. basically, i thought i might pose a question and then collect responses and spark discussion. hopefully the end result would be something useful.

to this end, i introduce "campus ministry questions." every once in awhile, i will pose a simple question. your job is to respond. play nicely and read the responses below yours. engage in a conversation. hopefully, when the dust settles, we will all come away with some ideas that may help us as we venture to serve college students.

(by the way…while this is geared for those specializing in campus ministry, there is much to be gained from preachers, youth ministers, bi-vocational ministers, lay ministers, children ministers, and whoever else wants to play.)

and so…for the first campus ministry question…

what are some things you do to facilitate "follow up" on new students in your ministry?


4 thoughts on “campus ministry question #1

  1. I’m not a campus minister, but here are a few things I’ve been toying with doing this year (I start Youth Ministry again next week too) for followup.Of course, there’s always going up to the front door and visiting the family itself. (not as much of an option for campus ministers I know)I have been thinking about offering some of the older kids in my Children’s group the opportunity to do follow-up themselves. And they are old enough to offer mentoring or tutoring to younger kids. Getting the contact information of parents, and trying to find time or opportunities to take them out to lunch or dinner and get to know them a little bit.I’m thinking about putting together a monthly short newsletter that would be available through mail or email, and offering family the opportunity to receive that so they could be updated

  2. For quite awhile we had a group of students who were in charge of delivering a bag of homemade cookies to the doorstep or dorm door of a new student. It’s fallen by the wayside in the last year or so, but it made a favorable impression on the recipients and was a readymade space for a conversation to occur.

  3. adam,that’s cool that your visits to dorms/doorsteps of new students was well-received. they have not been so around here. most of our new students just think it’s creepy if we have not taken the time to build a relationship with them.

  4. we are looking at follow-up as a series of steps that we take in our relationship with each student. after our first contact with the student, we will simply invite them to become a fan of our Facebook page and i will add them as a friend. after that, a simple message inviting them to join us for our next activity will do. after we see them again and get to know them a bit better, we may then feel comfortable with texting or calling them to make further contact. finally, after we have visiting with them two or three times, and we are beginning to feel like we are getting to know them, we will drop by for a quick visit to their dorm. for us, though, our emphasis is on having as many of our student leaders and staff remember the student’s name. i did an informal poll with some of our second year students, and most of them said they came back to CCH and felt comfortable plugging in because we went out of our way to know their name. so simple.

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