making the world run on your time

i have written a few times about the love/hate relationship i have with cell phones…smart phones in particular. i used to have one. now i have your grandma's flip phone. the most basic device out there. it's good for me.

here is an article i wrote about downgrading to a flip phone from a smart phone for the sake of the "best" things in my life.

and here is a blog post i wrote about boundaries. technological boundaries are necessary to maintain your sacred place.

yesterday, i found this incredibly interesting article. it highlights several business and world leaders who do not carry a cell phone. at all. guys like warren buffett and mikhail prokhorov (who owns the new jersey nets. wait…they were the worst team in the nba last year. maybe he needs an iphone!)

these guys state they are much more productive without the distraction of a cell phone buzzing in their pocket every 10 minutes. they are making the world run on their time…not the other way around. they are not distracted when they have meetings with people. and they obviously have a lot more of those meetings face-to-face instead of over the cell towers, which is a good thing for business and leadership.

i wonder…how can this be applied to campus ministry? is our constant love affair with our cell phones a good thing? how many hours of productivity do we lose each week because we are enslaved to the blasted things?

and i can't help but ask…is a smart phone with internet necessary? if you are a typical campus minister, you live and work in three places: 1) home 2) office and 3) campus. all three of those spaces most likely have internet access. if you can't wait the ten minutes it takes to walk from campus to your office to check your email…you have major issues. i'm serious. you need to get rid of that fancy phone.

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