if God had a vehicle

this morning i had the privilege of speaking at the chapel service at our local christian elementary school. the school is tiny, so it's nothing formal or fancy. just 4 or 5 kids in a circle with me and my bible. 

i asked each of them how many brothers and sisters they had. a few came from larger families, and so i asked them what kind of vehicles their family rode in. vans? big cars? did everyone in the family have a seat?

and i told them that my family kept expanding and we just bought a new, big van that holds 12 people. i pointed them to galatians 3:26: "for you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus." we talked about how neat it is that God calls us his sons and daughters and we have the privilege of being his children. and his family gets bigger and bigger as more and more people come to faith.

and then i asked them: "if God had a vehicle, how big do you think it would need to be to fit his whole family?"

the answer from one young man: "as big as china." 

i'm glad to be a child of God…glad to have a seat in that china-sized vehicle.

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