abiding in his word, 9.21.10

while i am just posting this today, these notes/thoughts/ideas were originally written in my journal on september 21st. to see why i am sharing my journal scribblings with you, read this

mark 3:5 // Jesus' emotions are striking here: anger and grief. i sometimes wonder if, when i get angry, what i am also feeling is grief. grief over lost potential, over disobedience, over whatever.

mark 3:14 // this was Jesus' simple plan for discipleship: he would be with his disciples, he would send out his disciples, and he would give authority to his disciples. is this what i am doing with our college students? in which of these three areas am i struggling the most?

mark 3:22-30 // i have never understood exactly what "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" is. is it ascribing to the devil what is the work of the Spirit?

mark 3:35 // whoever does the will of God is a member of the family.

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