abiding in his word, 9.22.10

from my reading of the scriptures yesterday.

mark 4:4-8 // the hard path, the rocky ground, the thorn infested, and the good soil are all environments. the sower scatters the seed liberally on all four types of ground. he was faithful in scattering even though he wasn't always sure where the seed may land. 

mark 4:26-29 // i love that the growth of those scattered seeds is a mystery to us. i've seen this to be true. the students who i think SHOULD be leading the way as Christians, often fizzle out. the students who to me seem average or normal are the ones leading the way. i love this. i love the mystery of growth. the sower was faithful with his task of sowing…and God was faithful with his task of growing. 

mark 5:7 // this confession by an unclean spirit is incredible: Jesus is the Son of the Most High God and has the authority to do as he pleases. i have heard few Christians make such an incredible confession.

mark 5:17 // these men begged Jesus to leave…he was messing up their way of life. reminds me of our fond saying at the christian campus house: Jesus, if you let him get a hold of you, will mess you up. do we allow him to do so, or do we beg him to leave just as things begin to get uncomfortable? 

mark 5:19-20 // this man simply shares his story.

mark 5:36 // "do not fear, only believe." what an incredible statement. i think we are leery of this statement today. 

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