TNT podcast #4 — more than wonder bread // john 6

i really struggled writing this message. i knew what i wanted to say…i just wasn't sure if God wanted me to say it. i stared at blank sheets in my journal for two days trying to organize thoughts. when it was all said and done, i felt as though God was giving a green light to share the message…the only thing was, i didn't have any message written down. just a few random thoughts on a half of a journal page. 

however, we prayed…and i preached…and feel as though God used my feeble offering. 

this message is all about our reactions to Jesus at different times…when we are "fat and happy" and when he asks us to do hard things. what's our response? are we as pleased to follow Jesus when he asks hard things of us as we are when he gives us everything we want?

give a listen.

hear this podcast by clicking here.

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