words with meaning

my entire family is in town this week…my parents, my sister, her husband, their two children. add those to my family of seven, and we have a full house and a whole lot of fun. thus, not many posts. 

however, i wanted to share a few words tonight with you as i sit with my youngest son, trying to coax him into sleepyland. 

let me start by saying i am something of a worship music snob. i don't like much of it. primarily, the stuff i don't like seems to me to be very…girly. feminine. not connecting with the masculine soul. 

that, combined with musical content that is repeated and stale, and i get frustrated.

and so, when i stumble into worship songs that i feel have musical and lyrical depth of meaning, i am very excited. 

"in Christ alone" is one of those songs. when you give it a listen, it sounds very much like an older hymn. i like this. it invokes feelings of familiarity. and it's simple, which allows me to focus on the true beauty of this song: its lyrics.

listen to the words as kristyn getty, who is the wife of one of the co-writers, performs it:

i love that these words are poetic.
i love that they are though-provoking.
i love that they are meaningful and not annoyingly repetitive.
most of all, i love that these words proclaim the story of the gospel of Christ.

stuart townend, one of the co-writers of the song, said this about it on the crosswalk website:
"sometimes great melodies are let down by indifferent or clichéd words. it's the writer's job to dig deep into the meaning of scripture and express in poetic and meaningful ways the truth he or she finds there. the lyric of this song excites me because it places our hope, our assurance, our eternal destiny in the right place — on the solid foundation of Christ. i know in my own life i need reminding continually not to live by my feelings or my circumstances, but by the unchanging truth of the gospel." 

i can connect with God through this kind of song. it's creative. meaningful. beautiful. thought-out. true…all characteristics that reflect the God of the song. 

One thought on “words with meaning

  1. Andy picked this song for last Sunday Night. I love it too, though I am terrible at hitting the high notes in the middle.

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