introducing: smiles by the yard

a few years ago, i started a party rental business. i rented out bouncey houses and popcorn machines and such. along the way, i wanted to add a “lawn greeting” element to the business. i bought some critters and a sign…but never got around to adding them to our services. i closed that business and sold all my stuff…except for my critters and my sign.

now i have taken those critters and that sign and created “smiles by the yard.” 

SBTY specializes in lawn greetings. we bring our critters in the middle of the night and fill up the front yard of the “victim.” we also provide a personalized sign for any special occasion. it’s a great alternative to cards or balloons or candy. 

visit “smiles by the yard” online at

or become a fan of “smiles by the yard” on facebook. (i am getting ready to announce our first ever facebook only special contest for fans! huge discounts, and even a free rental, will be given away!)

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