rediscovering the Christmas season

whether you like it or not, the Christmas season is upon us. and, most of us need a little help staying focused on what is most important during this time of year. it's easy to be distracted. 

i stumbled across a great little bible reading plan a few days ago. it's hosted over at (which, by the way, if you have not joined up there and used it, give yourself a Christmas gift!). it's called the "rediscovering the Christmas season" bible reading plan. it's designed to start on december 1st and include 25 days worth of readings, taking you to Christmas morning. each reading helps to center you on Jesus and this birth.

not only the reading, each day also includes several cool things you can do to help you meditate, practice and internalize what you have just read. you can do those things alone or with your small group or with your family.

i realize it's december 3rd, but you can still start. the readings are short, so you can be caught up today. go for it!

the reading plan is found right here.

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