the obligatory new year’s blog post

well, 2010 is wrapping up and 2011 is knocking on our door. and just like every other blogger in the world, it’s time for a new year’s blog post. at this point, though, i hesitate to even call myself a blogger.

i’ve tried resolutions. sometimes they work and usually they don’t. here is 2010’s resolution post

i didn’t run in a half-maration. i didn’t lose 15-20 pounds. i didn’t write a book. i did create some intentional relationships. looking back, it might be pretty easy to get frustrated with my apparent lack of progress.

but, i need to take a closer look. even though i didn’t run a half-maration, i discovered biking. and while it isn’t exactly like running, it helps to keep me in shape and is an enjoyable hobby. plus, it will save me thousands of dollars in therapist expenses. it’s progress.

and while i didn’t exactly write a book, i did write a book proposal. and i even sent that proposal out to agents and a few publishers. i even had one nibble. and while that nibble didn’t pan out, i have learned much about the process and what i can do to improve as a writer. plus, i had four articles published last year. and i have two more on tap for the first few months of 2011. it’s progress.

i am taking a page from my friend, jen. for 2011, she is looking at progress for 2011 and not abrupt changes for the new year that won’t last. that’s what i want.

i am dwelling on this now and will post some ideas in the next few days. in the meantime, in what areas of your life are you looking to make progress in for 2011? 

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