my progress goals for 2011

as promised, and despite my warnings not to, i am going to share with you a few of my progress goals for 2011. 

i heard someone once say that a clinical definition for death would be to cease moving. once the cells stop moving, life ceases. i'm not sure if this is true, but i resonate with the concept. i want motion in my life. not busy-motion, but meaningful life-motion. i want to be moving ahead in certain areas of my life.

here are a few ways i hope to see progress in 2011.


  1. instead of "resolving" to read the entire bible in 2011, like all good Christians do…i am making it my aim to simply read the bible more than i did in 2010. to start the year, i am spending the first 3 weeks reading and studying prayer. here is the plan i am using. technology is a big help for me here…i am reading much of my bible on my iPod Touch using the YouVersion app. it's a beautiful thing.
  2. related to #1, i want to memorize a bit of bible as i go. last week, i stumbled across this blog that issued a challenge for folks to commit the first 16 weeks of 2011 to memorizing the book of Philippians. i made the little moleskine memory book and am starting this week. i am hoping to have the entire book memorized by easter and perhaps will even recite it at our final tnt at the Christian Campus House
  1. i plan on creating more "shared experiences" with my family in 2011. mark batterson consistently challenges me with his writing. he realized most of his favorite memories involved his family. and so he overhauled his entire life goal list. now, that list has very few, if any, personal goals. almost all of them are shared experiences. i plan on having more shared experiences with my family this year.
  2. i am going to do a better job of getting my wife out of the house so that she can have some alone time. i got the kids…you go unplug, hun.
  3. i will hang out with my kids more in a 1-on-1 setting. the girls will get a "date." the boys will get "man-time." i'd love to do this weekly…but bi-monthly is probably more realistic. simply doing this consistently will be progress.
  1. i am going to ride my bike. a lot. it's good exercise and saves me hundreds of dollars a month in therapist fees.
  2. i am going to pay attention to what i eat. not diet. not attempt to lose weight. just pay attention. if i am eating too much sugar, i'll cut back. if i am eating too many calories, i will try and get a salad later. not a diet. just paying attention.
[work & personal]
  1. i am streamlining my work days. i am only checking my email in the late morning and late afternoon. in the meantime, my email window is closed, as is my facebook and twitter page.
  2. i plan on spending more of my time each day not in my office. i'd rather spend that time at the coffee shop, in the food court, or other "third places" on campus where students hang out.
  3. i want to write more consistently. i'm streaky. there are days when i feel i can write and others where i don't. i want to write, even on days i don't feel like i can. i would like to publish a few more articles this year than last…and submit another book proposal or two to potential publishers.
  4. i am tracking our finances more closely with some new tools, plugging the hole in our bucket, and paying off a significant portion of our debt this year.
looking over this list, it seems like a lot. but, the lovely thing about this is that it's about motion. i want to make progress. if i fail, i won't feel bad. i just want to take a few steps ahead.


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