TNT podcast #16 — discipleship — the word and prayer as rain and sunshine

i have about a billion thoughts rolling around in my head, which i hope to share with you over the course of the next few weeks. finding time to blog has been hard to come by lately…but i look forward to sharing with you.

for our latest installment at the christian campus house, we have continued our look at defining (and re-defining) biblical discipleship. eugene peterson once noted that the human soul is like the soil of a garden. since God calls us to bear fruit, we must tend our soil. the spiritual disciplines of prayer and interaction with God's word are like rain and sunshine to our soil…they are staple disciplines that must be a part of our lives if we are to bear good fruit. 

other disciplines (fasting, solitude, etc.) are, as peterson says, like tools in the garden shed. we pull them out and use them as our soil requires. 

this was the trust of this message. to give it a listen, click here.

as always, if you would like to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, click here

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