one week from today

the school year has drawn to a close, which is one of the reasons why i have not blogged much. the nine month campus ministry marathon has come to an end for this edition and i am recovering. 

but i won’t be recovering for long.

one week from tonight, i will be on the ground in haiti. 

i am very excited about this trip for a hundred reasons. let me share just a few of them with you.

our ministry, the christian campus house, has been partnering with house of hope haiti (hohh) for the last several years in our h2o project. we have raised over $12,000 or so for clean water projects in haiti, having raised just under $5,000 this last year alone. for the last several years, we have been asked to travel to haiti to see where our funds have gone and get our hands dirty. this year, the timing was right.

we are going to primarily be beginning a massive clean water system in one of the villages hohh works in. it will involve a massive chlorination system and a facility to house the system in as well as a residence for a guard. this system will provide chlorinated water to the village and, in the future, the villages around it. furthermore, we will be working with the orphanages and schools that hohh run…lots of time with the kids at those sites. at least one evening will be spent in a remote mountain village, encouraging the church there and sharing our faith with the villagers as well as providing rain collection tanks for gathering water and digging a reservoir.

one of the things i love about hohh is they strive to run a sustainable mission. that means, they don’t want the haitians to come to depend upon the missionaries visiting for what they need. for example, a big focus of our trip is spent in training the haitians how to run and maintain the water system. also, they will learn how to work and/or pay for the water they use and these funds will go towards maintaining the system and paying for a guard. 

the long term vision is for cch to partner with hohh in helping an entire village…providing water, food, education, jobs, healthcare, and the gospel. and since this is a sustainable, long-term goal, once we have finished our work at one village, we will move right on down the road to the next one. this will provide our students and ministry a long-term partnership with one organization and people for the advancement of the Kingdom. pretty exciting stuff. 

how can you help?

please pray. pray for open doors for the gospel to be proclaimed. pray for meaningful relationships to be made. pray for the haitians to be aware of the Kingdom in their midst. pray for our long-term vision. you could also pray for God’s favor upon us in this endeavor.

please give. hohh is always looking for those willing to donate to their cause and/or to sponsor their children. click here for more details.

get involved. if not with hohh, please step outside of your context and enter into the story in another context. serve the homeless. visit the elderly. stop by your new neighbor’s house with a gift. or, contact me and you can come with me to haiti next time. 

stay tuned for updates as we go. thanks for engaging here.

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