the @StickyJesus group blog project

may 15th is “internet evangelism day.” and the folks over at didn’t think just one day devoted to the frontier of digital outreach was enough…so they have declared may the month of internet evangelism.

and to celebrate, i am going to be joining them in a group blogging project centered on the book @StickyJesus by tami heim and and tony birdsong. the subtitle of this book is “how to live out your faith online.” this book provides the inspiration and insight to effectively build relationships online, and influence the “land of shiny things” with the good news of the Kingdom.

you can join in!

go buy a copy of the book. read along. contribute your comments on the blog throughout the month of may, as 15 guest bloggers share their ideas and thoughts over at the blog. (and look for my post on may 27th…all about harboring the power of facebook to share the gospel). 

check out the introduction to our project here and read the comments…get to know the folks involved!


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