haiti thoughts #1: beauty

i had the privilege of spending a week in haiti a few weeks ago. i’ve sat on a series of thoughts now for the l

ast week, and it’s time to get them written down. here goes:

haiti: a paradox

i have never been in a dirtier place than haiti. there is trash everywhere. at one point, i had the privilege of hiking up a 4,000 foot mountain to very remote villages. the trail was narrow and the incline steep and the drop off the side extreme. and you’d see discarded bottles and boxes littering the path. 

there is no grass, no trees, no bushes…only rocks and dust and dirt. the trees that once covered the mountain ranges are gone and have been used for fuel. as a friend of mine said, the land in haiti has simply been “used up.” 

yet, one of the first things i noticed upon landing in haiti is the beauty that emerges from the ugly. the bea
utiful mountains hover over the blue ocean. the sun set each night into the water, descending like a rock thrown out on to the horizon. and the people…oh, the people…clearly reflect the image of their Maker, despite the difficulty of their lives and their land. 

we spent each night at a resort. by haitian standards, it was 5-stars. by american standards, the view was 5-stars, the rooms were 3-stars. however, the accommodations were much better than i had anticipated. our rooms had running water (some of the time) that (occasionally) got warm. we had a window air conditioning unit and ceiling fans. the toilet flushed every once in awhile. on the last evening, i learned the haitian creole word for “plunger” is pump. 

God ha
s a way of making beautiful things. this song crossed my mind often during the course of the week:

little did i realize, early in the week, that the beauty of the land would just be an appetizer to the beauty of the people i would meet.

more tomorrow.


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