my workshop // community: life with the three-dimensional people

once again this year, i am teaching a workshop at the national student conference. i thought you might get a kick out of the workshop description:

“Community: Life with the Three-Dimensional People”

There is a great scene in an episode of the sitcom Friends where Joey and Chandler have been sitting on their barcaloungers for days watching TV. Phoebe, always a good friend, comes in and encourages them, “You know, you should go outside and be with the three-dimensional people.” 

Does this resonate? 

In our Facebook world, we are spending more time in front of a screen, experiencing only two dimensions. In film, the third dimension is depth. Is this what’s missing from your community?

Our time together will be loaded with hard questions: what is community? what does it look like? does Facebook or Twitter offer real community? how can we cultivate community on campus?

This is a two part workshop dedicated to exploring how to have three-dimensional community in an increasingly two-dimensional world

just for fun, here are several scenes from the aforementioned great episode of Friends. 



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