bringing sexy back

marriage has been good to me. i’ve been given a beautiful wife, 5 amazing children, thousands of stories to tell, and about 30 pounds of extra weight around my gut.

i want to keep all of those things…except for one.

so last week, i started my campaign to bring sexy back. i bought a pass to our local community center. i started trying to eat healthier and keep better track of what i am putting into my body. i worked out 4 days last week (my goal) and did cardio and weight lifting each day. i even jumped in an online weight loss challenge a friend is coordinating. i feel good.

today was my first weigh-in since i started. here are the stats:

starting weight: 199.0
today’s weight: 197.6
difference: 1.4

2 thoughts on “bringing sexy back

  1. I was inspired by Los, too. (I’m assuming it was Los…I could be wrong.) I’ve started walking my dog twice a day, and limiting my portions substantially. I already eat really healthy food, I just eat a bit too much of it. Good luck!

  2. I am definitely borrowing the terminology from Los (everything he does, including losing weight, is cool!). Long before his recent adventures, though, I’ve been feeling frustrated and ready to make a change. Actually, my friend inviting me to be a part of his 6-week challenge (and taking my shirt off at the beach a few weeks ago) was my greater motivators.I’m with you. We eat pretty healthy…I just need to not eat so much and get active. Good for you, man! Keep it up!

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