open and closed doors

today, i was out mowing my lawn and trimming some limbs from my trees. i noticed, down the street, some very nicely dressed couples walking in my direction.

my first thought was, “man, it’s really hot to be so dressed up. i wonder if they were at a wedding or funeral.” my second thought was, “oh, those are jehovah’s witnesses doing their door-to-door thing.”

they were knocking on doors. and not a single person was answering. they kept coming my direction. i just kept doing my work, waiting for my inevitable conversation with them. they got to the door of my next door neighbor. then to the door across the street. they saw me. i saw them.

when nobody answered next door, i knew they were coming after me next. when, all the sudden…THEY TURNED AROUND AND WALKED AWAY. they went back to the maroon mini-van, got in, and drove away.

it was weird. they were knocking on all of these doors around me and nobody was answering. meanwhile, i am outside already, easily accessible, and an easy target for conversation. and they walked away.

wondering what the lesson was in all this (i am, after all, a preacher-type), i determined that we are oftentimes a lot like those jehovah’s witness folks. we like to bang on doors that God has already closed. and in doing so, we often miss the open door right in front of us. we miss out on those conversations, those relationships, those opportunities, those things God is already doing.

i’m gonna try to not do that. you should, too.


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