bringing sexy back, part 4

my update this week is a bit late, being as i was indiana until late last night for our annual National Student Conferece.

but, i took my trusty scale along with me and weighed in on monday. being away from home and away from my routine is a challenge. i ate well in indiana, with mostly one exception: i ate a guacamole steakburger from Steak & Shake. and fries. at 11pm. the night before i was to weigh in.

ah, well.

here are this week’s numbers:

starting weight: 199.0
last week’s weight: 194.2
today’s weight: 192.8
week’s difference: -1.4
total difference: -6.2

dang steakburger.

ps: this is the third week out of four where I have lost 1.4 pounds. at least i’m consistent.




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