adventures in missional campus ministry, chapter 0.1: a discontent

something has been stirring in my soul over the last couple of years. in my life and in my ministry, i felt as though something was…missing. i felt like a pitcher who was throwing a great curveball, but kept missing the strike zone by that much.

this discontent began to leak into my conversations and my teaching. in the spring of 2010, i taught a semester long series of messages on how to build authentic relationships with people outside of Christ over food with the purpose of earning the opportunity to share the gospel. then a taught a semester long series on people in the new testament who “got it” and people who didn’t when it came to following Jesus. and then a series on what authentic and biblical community and fellowship look like.

our ministry had adopted the subtle philosophy of “come and see.” what i mean is, we would open wide the doors to our ministry center and try to be really nice to anyone who might come in. we would talk about Jesus and hope you felt comfortable enough to come back and do it all again the next week. meanwhile, our ministry center became a fortress where we would hide out, tucked safely away from everyone and everything else. it’s not that we weren’t welcoming. we were. we just expected you to show up.

and slowly, God began to unveil that thing we were missing. it’s nothing new. it’s always been there. it’s a matter of stewardship and obedience.

and it’s the idea of being “sent.” it’s the difference between a “come and see” posture and a “go and be” posture.

this year i am documenting our journey towards becoming a missional campus ministry. i will share what we are doing, how we are doing it, our (hopefully) successes and our (essential) failures.

hang on to your hats. this is going to be fun.


2 thoughts on “adventures in missional campus ministry, chapter 0.1: a discontent

  1. Sounds familiar Brandon! I began documenting my journey a few years ago, and it made it’s way into my new book. Looking forward to reading about your journey.

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