bringing sexy back, part 6

this time of year, in my life, is absolute insanity. we are one week away from embarking on a new campus ministry lap and my to-do list is the length of a novella. and with all the craziness, my routine gets out of whack. and when my routine gets out of whack, my exercise and diet suffers. 

i think i only got to the gym once this week. and i went to a BBQ where there brownies and scotcheroos and smores.

that being said, i fared pretty well on the scale today. here are the numbers:

starting weight: 199.0
last week’s weight: 191.4
today’s weight: 190.2
this week’s difference: -1.2
total difference: -8.8

i started these six weeks doing a weight loss challenge with some friends. i don’t think i’m going to bring home the cash prize, but i feel great. and, even though our six week challenge is over, i’m not done yet!




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